Saturday 29 October 2022

The catastrophic global collapse of the Christian churches thirty months ago - did you even notice it?

To hear most Christians talk now; you would have thought that the church apostasy, strikes, shut-downs, and lock-outs of spring 2020 was a trivial incident buried in ancient history. 

It should not be necessary; but in case memories have faded; remind yourself what happened:

We need to get this straight: What happened - what the Christian churches did to themselves, by choice, and after reflection - was unprecedented in the history of Christianity, in its nature and its severity.

Because it has neither been acknowledged nor repented, the spiritual damage both revealed and exacerbated by the birdemic remains undiminished. 

Therefore; whatever the mainstream, self-styled Christian churches are now doing - they carry with them the full implications of this colossal sin; compounded by two years worth of dishonest denial. 

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jana gatien said...

Harlot churches, beholden to their tax-exempt status, granted by the final empire, which demands they not say anything contrary to the system. They will not speak truth to save a buck and to avoid inquisition/persecution.