Wednesday 23 December 2020

Are people insane because they are evil, or evil because they are insane? The explanation is atheism

Are They insane - or are They evil?...

Readers of this blog must have asked themselves this question with increasing frequency throughout 2020; but it has been looming ever larger over the past half-century. 


For instance; the trans-agenda activists are certainly insane; but in psychologically abusing, poisoning and mutilating children by official diktat, they have also attained a world-historical level of evil. 

And much the same applies to the other litmus test issues - bizarre insanity and purposive evil are at the same time extreme and interwoven. 

Why? What is the causality here? 


The root is atheism*.

Rudolf Steiner made some wise and deep comments to the effect that atheism (not to believe in a god) was in fact an actual sickness, which takes the form of insanity. 

In the past, all through human prehistory and history up until the past few generations in TheWest; society was structurally religious, and everyone (including atheists) was brought-up in a religion.

In the past, atheists were individuals, living in a religious society - so although they were insane, they could nonetheless be good. 

But now we live a world where insane atheists are ubiquitous, and insane atheist values are everywhere. For the first time ever we have atheists who were raised by atheists (who were raised by atheists) and living in a public discourse that assumes the validity of atheism. 

In these current conditions, atheists are not only insane, but also evil - because... why not? 

Atheism is rootless relativism; which reduces to a 'morality' of expediency; dictated by an un-moored society that is ripe for demonic manipulation, and helpless against demonic inversion of values.  Hence the trans-agenda etc.

The atheists do not originate societal evil - that comes from the powers of purposive evil working upon sinful Men. But atheists have no reason Not to go along with the strategies of Satan (who is not real to them). 

In an evil world, atheists will be evil. 


So, generalised atheism is the reason for co-occurrence of insanity with evil in modern societies. 


*It is my assumption is that a large majority of self-identified Christians, and Christian churches, are in truth atheist - since they accept in practice all the core atheist assumptions, and follow all the mainstream atheist ideologies. 


Faculty X said...


I don't see it's atheism, mainly due to the large number of religious (nominally) people at the highest level of government.

They act like they believe in a Higher Power, just not the One True God of the Bible.

So therefore it is the Other Power to which they submit.

whitney said...

I was third-generation atheist but I'm a Catholic now. Only one of my family. But today I was thinking how difficult it is for the materialist. How can they make sense of anything that is happening. They've taken God and the devil and Good and evil out of the equation. I look at the immanent spirit of the day and know that it is satanic which means it's glorious time to be alive because more of the faithful on Earth are going to have a chance to become saints in this age than in a very long time

R.J.Cavazos said...


This is a brilliant analysis. As you know,I find great solace and wisdom in your work--though I am an Orthodox Jew. I'd like to think that our commonalities are greater than our differences. On Atheism the view of the Lubavitcher Rebbe may be of interest:

The atheist, too, has a god, and it is himself.

The idolater at least understands there is something greater than him, something beyond the grasp of his physical senses, some external forces to which he is subject.

But for the atheist, all the universe is defined by his own understanding, all ethics are subject to his approval, and even he himself is an artifact of his own mind. He is a self-made man, for he creates his own universe and squeezes himself inside it.

Avro G said...

"In the past, atheists were individuals, living in a religious society - so although they were insane, they could nonetheless be good."

Right. I have often thought that men like Hume or Voltaire would be horrified to see the results, after two-hundred plus years, of the rejection of Christian faith which they did so much to bring about. They seemed to assume that the order and reason on which their careers were predicated were not fruits of centuries of Christian civilization but flowers native to humanity that would only thrive once we pitched God out the window. Today their multitudinous children are just as blind but, having only other blind men to restrain them, fall into ever greater follies.

TonguelessYoungMan said...

Too bad you aren't a university professor anymore, a great way to go out with a bang would be to write a paper on why "Generalized Atheism" (GA) should be added to the next edition of the DSM.

Wm Jas Tychonievich said...

Unfortunately, I know several people who are very definitely not atheists -- who have a real and sincere belief in God and Jesus -- but who have nevertheless fallen for some or all of 2020's Big Lies. Not any of the sexual stuff, of course, but the birdemic, antiracism, the fraudproof election, etc.

Bruce Charlton said...

@Wm. Of course. This is one of those 'necessary but not sufficient' explanations - like most things.

A said...

I too know a faithful traditional Catholic who, despite not falling for the birdemic, is very concerned that talking about Election Fraud will hurt Democracy (as if its abuse for Satanic purposes is not beyond obvious)! He works in the government so I fear all have an Achilles heel, often related to their paycheck.