Saturday 21 January 2023

All in The West must take the side of evil (Nobody is allowed to be neutral - not even a bit)

True neutrality with respect to any question concerning values is not a possibility, and never has been; yet degrees of 'official' neutrality used to be conceded, and commonplace - as pragmatic realities in public life. 

While every person and nation will almost-inevitably take sides over any particular question - at least overall, and to some degree - it used to be allowed that people and nations could stand-apart from conflicts, and remain un-declared. 

Even during the massive conflict of World War II, there were several neutral counties in the heart of the conflict (Switzerland) or on its border (Spain, Sweden). 

And, as recently as a couple of decades ago; it used to be quite normal for people or nations to opt-out of taking sides on questions of value in public life. 

This is no longer allowed in The West; because the powers on the side of evil are now dominant, their evil is more advanced; and They have forbidden neutrality. 

Each and every person (with no allowed exceptions) must now - publicly and with a display of enthusiasm - actively participate in celebration and promotion of Litmus Test issues relating to sex, sexuality, antiracism and so forth. 

All must take the side of evil (called good, in the official system of Western inverted-values) - or be attacked as an enemy. 

Anyone - any single individual - who opts-out and tries to be neutral in any of the Litmus Test issues; may be punished by the full force of global media and public opinion mobilized against them; exclusion from work, removal of financial services, demonization of status - and many other possible punishments (officially imposed, and unoffically allowed and encouraged), without limit to severity or duration.  

We are seeing the same phenomenon in relation to the Fire Nation* war. No Western nation has been allowed to remain neutral on this issue - even Switzerland and Sweden have been compelled to abandon long term principles of neutrality. 

Furthermore, active participation in the war is also being compelled - until recently by participation in war-sanctions. And currently by mandatory military participation through sending weapons to the battlefront. 

And this military participation must be done publicly, proudly; and backed with explicit aggressive statements. 

Presumably the next step will be sending military personnel from all nations - with no opt-out allowed. 

This is not about military effectiveness - because from such a perspective it makes no sense. It is about ideological - hence spiritual - allegiance. 

Western nations are being compelled into active support for an open-ended campaign aimed at existential annihilation of the Fire Nation; either its destruction, fragmentation, or vassalage. 

Nations are being forced (by their puppet-'leaders') into making themselves existential enemies - not only of the FN, but of an alliance that (increasing month by month) includes the two most populous nations in the world, and indeed most of the world's population and land mass. 

Those who do not paint a target on their own backs by choice (like the UK did thanks to its cravenly-servile US-obedient leadership); will have it done for them, at the point of a sword.

In other words; the ideology of annihilation of the Fire Nation serves as yet-another factor in the suicidal self-destruction of The West - and all its (compelled-) allies, such as the North East Asian vassal-states of the USA, who are now actively and rapidly being prepared to operate as agents of their own destruction. 

In sum, underneath the cover of fake Geopolitical reasoning and led by the dominant Western power; the whole world is being set-up for an all-inclusive world war - the first ever - which will be sustained for as long as possible, and with as much all-round destruction as possible. 

Such a war will (if it happens) serve the dual purpose of lethally damaging Western civilization, and doing something similar to all those who - in any way - dissent from the Western-leftist-atheist-materialist ideology of the globalists. 


For a Christian; the vital matter is to recognize and remember that this is primarily 'just' the latest and biggest material manifestation of the long-established spiritual war; and that we need to discern and understand what is really going-on in terms of ultimate spiritual values. 

Not, therefore, to become distracted by merely proximate, materialist explanations of the war in terms of Geopolitics, economics, or even of ideology. 

These are merely means to an end; because evil is about damnation, that is about spiritual and eternal death - therefore not only, nor mostly, about physical death.

Note: Anyone confused by any of the terminology I use, here or elsewhere, should do a word-search on this blog (i.e. using the Search box on the upper left extreme corner).  


ben said...

I think sorath is to greed what lucifer is to lust.

A nightmare scenario of everyone in the world senselessly, self-destructively attacking each other (jumping onto the train tracks for the thrillful horror of it) is exactly the sort of thing greedful sorathic vampires want to see.

Bruce Charlton said...

@ben - The self-blinding in The West is something that never ceases to astonish me. What is happening - the fabrication of multiple virtual narratives utterly divorced from reality, and the set-up of multiple pressures and trends leading towards global war - is about as obvious as such things ever can be; and yet...

On the other hand, it *may* be that this business is precisely (what gets called) Karmic: i.e. simply the operation of causes and effects operating predictably but invisibly, at the spiritual level.

If enough people, especially among those with power, have internalized the value-inversions of Western ideology, then clearly the outcomes are inevitably going to be very bad indeed. People are simply getting what they covertly want.