Tuesday 24 January 2023

Powerless in the physical war; but powerful in the spiritual war

Modern people have, in my experience, a sense of absolute helplessness when confronted with The World. They perceive the only options to be adaptation or be-detroyed. 

Or else a minority are psychotically-deluded about what difference they personally can make to The World by their own actions and interventions; or they exhibit wildly-improbable optimism concerning how they may personally resist and elude the evils of the world (e.g. 'prepper'- or 'off-grid'-types). 

Thus despair is the great, unspoken, conviction of this era; and most people devote their main life-energies into Not-Thinking about their condition or the future. 

What is the point? - they say? Or, I can't Do anything by-myself against Them, and Thinking will just make me miserable.

And this supposed Not-Thinking is precisely what the evil powers who rule this world Most desire for the masses. 

Because "Not-Thinking" is, in practice, - always thinking exactly what The System puts-into your head; fake-facts and lying-concepts; rooted in unconscious/ denied fundamental metaphysical assumptions (about a purposeless, meaningless, purely-material universe of randomness and mechanical determinism) that lead inevitably to a deep conviction of fear and hopelessness. 

Yet Thinking is the only way out from that materialist trap we inhabit. 

Right Thinking... a Thinking that is rooted in True metaphysical assumptions is our saviour in this life - and the life to come. 

The Truth is that God the Creator is Good and our loving parent; and such knowledge is ultimately hope-full and personally-motivating. 

In the past; it seems to have been possible, indeed normal, for at least some people passively and unconsciously to assimilate Truth and Reality - and therefore spontaneously to possess a Good Attitude to life. 

Many people, then, were naturally Good: naturally took the sde of Good in the spiritual war of this world...

But this no longer happens. Those who don't Think, believe that which is wrong

In a world dominated by The System, and where The System is dominated by evil Beings - some human, some demonic; passive, the unconscious, un-thinking is automatically corrupted, and leads onto the side of evil. 

Right Thinking does not need to be complicated - indeed, the best thinking is very simple; dichotomous - because it asks the right questions in the right way. 

But Thinking does need to be personal and responsible. Thinking is of value only when done in awareness that it is a serious business with serious consequences; and when we are conscious that in Thinking we are engaged in real life and not a game. 

(By Thinking properly; we participate in divine creation.)

If we Think wrongly (which includes trying Not to Think), the consequences may be terrible and eternal; if we think right - then the benefits likewise are potentially positive, transformative and everlasting. 

This is vital. People must Think, and must also Think in awareness that Thinking makes a cosmic difference (for better or worse). And then people will be motivated to seek truth, beauty and virtue - because even though this seems futile in physical-material terms; they will know (from experience) that it makes a positive difference in spiritual terms.  

Although both are important; what we Think is far more important than what we Do... 

Yet only when we are seriously Thinking from our hearts and with our souls. 

(As usual, all important lessons are two-fold; and all important and beneficial actions require two changes; because all persistent errors are backed-up by a second error.)


JohnB said...

Excellent piece.

Indeed, Thinking is of primary importance. Fits nicely with a phrase I've just read from Saint Paisios The Athonite relating to the subject of taking action: Have I thought about this? And if I've thought about this, have I then prayed about it?

Two key pre-requisites to action right there.

Anonymous said...

I thank you for all your articles on thinking. Although I don't always fully understand what you are saying (I'm not as smart as you), I have started thinking about thinking more often on my daily walks. I noticed I am starting to understand more of what you are saying , which has encouraged me to go back and reread some of your older post o about the subject.