Monday 2 January 2023

The existential struggle of these times

Over the past year, the conflict between The West and the Fire Nation (and, increasingly, its increasingly-close major allies) has become more and more obviously existential in nature. 

The FN regards itself (I believe correctly) as being actively threated with existential annihilation; and, unlike Western Nations, the FN seems (increasingly, solidly) determined to fight to the last to defend its distinctive identity; including its Orthodox Christian church. 

The West - which means, effectively the Globalist multi-national/ no-nations Western leadership class - also regards itself as in an existential struggle; with the rapidly emerging 'Eastern alliance' which is waxing in power both in absolute terms and relatively to The West (which, by contrast, is diminishing in both respects, including by deliberate self-destruction). 

So, it seems that the Western leadership class (which is all that matters in The West, since the Western masses are puppets to ideology) also regards the struggle with the Fire Nation as existential: as a Must Win scenario

(And, it should be obvious, Must Win implies that no-holds-are-barred with respect to the nature of weapons deployed in the struggle.) 

For the globalist Establishment, it has become a case of Us or Them w.r.t. the FN.  

(Whether or not this is true; it is what They believe.) 

But whereas "the people" of the Fire Nation are indeed "a people", and know explicitly and in their hearts that they are engaged in an existential struggle for their identity and 'way of life' (including Orthodox Christianity); by contrast, the Western masses, including Western Church Christians, are almost-wholly ignorant, and in-denial, of this fact. 

The Western masses misunderstand The Situation completely, indeed in an inverted fashion. We have (overwhelmingly) adopted such a narrow, selfish, short-termist, self-blinded complacency; that existential matters are not even on the radar. 

And existential 'talk' is regarded as sheerly crazy, paranoid, weird, dangerous, 'conspiracy theory' stuff; to be avoided by all decent and sensible people. The Western masses would rather be destroyed utterly, than recognize the fact that they are deliberately being-destroyed. 

Thus, in the West and among the masses; this astonishingly profound, cataclysmic, year of global change has - pretty much - passed them by... 

The world may be engaged in this titanic existential struggle; but the mental life, attitude and aspirations, of the Western masses has utterly failed to register this reality; instead vehemently rejecting all thought of this reality.  

The question remains as to the nature of this existential struggle. 

The most evil side is obvious: the Empire of Lies is the most evil grouping known in the history of the world; as being the only major civilization that has explicitly and officially adopted value-inversion; and is expanding its scope, and coercively-implementing inversion. 

But the other side, as it is emerging - although clearly less evil, in terms of their degree of evil - are a mixed bunch in terms of their motivations. 

Only over-arching and Christian motivations count as positively Good. And insofar as these exist at all, which is only in the Fire Nation, they do not seem likely to permeate the West - whatever happens. 

From our perspective in The West, the existential choice may between further solidification and extension of the totalitarian System by means of globalist institutions such as the UN/ WHO, EU, NATO, financial groupings etc. (along the lines of UN Agenda 2030 or the Great Reset)...

Or else World War Three - which has already been extended to include multiple deliberate provocations on FN territory and active participation of personnel from adjacent and remote NATO states - and may, at any moment, explode into an explicit and expansile multi-national, multi-regional, conflict. 

We the Western masses will not be offered, will not make, any choice between these material fates; since we are (voluntarily, yet denied) mentally-colonized - almost-wholly manipulated and dictated-to. 

But the only effective Western deciders - the Western leadership class - are currently choosing-between their perceived existential options: Control, or War

So-far the totalitarians have - apparently - regarded War as a threat to Control. War has been, is being, prepared and prosecuted mainly by 'the destroyers', the makers and promoters of chaos.

But if the totalitarian Western System-leadership come to believe that War offers their best opportunity for increasing Control - then War will happen very quickly; and the existential conflict of these times will suddenly! be obvious to everybody. 

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