Thursday 19 January 2023

Apocalypse now, or soon - seems more likely than ever

People are beginning to notice that the multi-billionnaire-ruled global Establishment are mostly wrong about everything that matters most. 

Despite - for a while, from early 2020 - having established centralized control of the whole world via the birdemic - "They" have been wrong about several major things. And wrong in ways that have not just damaged but sabotaged their plans. 

They were wrong about the Fire Nation - which turns-out to be socially coherent, economically robust and The military superpower. Wrong too about the Earth Kingdom (biggest and most productive of nations), and what it desires and intended. 

Consequently more than half the world has already slipped from Their grasp. 

There is no mystery about this because They are liars; and liars cannot know the truth. A government consisting of liars operates to ensure that there is no possibility of truth being knowable by anybody... False-information and dishonest concepts drives out sound knowledge. 

And the bureaucrats are cynics. Cynics pretend (to themselves, mainly) that they are realists; but they aren't. 

Cynics are, however, destroyers; and pervasive cynicism itself causes the chaos of selfish lying that it originally only diagnosed. 

This happens because cynics will recognize only base motives (projecting their own natures, and knowing that their own soaringly idealistic rhetoric is just a façade for selfishness). 

So cynics live in denial of positive motives. Cynics cannot recognize positive motivations - no matter what happens - these will always be interpreted cynically. 

So in 2020 we - briefly - had a world government; but a government consisting of lying cynics, who created - and therefore operated on the basis of - fake and manipulative information; which was analyzed using methods designed to obscure truth; and interpreted with concepts that were merely masks for self-interest.

Consequently; as soon as "They" took totalitarian control, they rapidly began to lose their grasp of reality. 

Soon they lost the ability to predict the real effect of their actions. And now they have no idea what has actually happened in world since They took-over. 

They are become victims of their own hype, spin, censorship and propaganda. They have made a world where there is nothing else but untruthful manipulation in the wholly-controlled mainstream. And where the non-mainstream is cynically interpreted as motivated merely by (equally dishonest) anti-Establishment rivalry. 

All They can now do is to pretend that They are still in control; and spout ever-more, ever-more-false propaganda that everything is still going in accordance with their Master Plan. 

But, even as they do it; they haven't the first clue whether anybody still believes them! 

In sum; the totalitarian Establishment has no feed-back on what is happening anywhere, no idea who are their real enemies, nor what the enemies are doing. 

Cynicism and dishonesty breed paranoia and persecutory delusions; which are self-fulfilling. 

The first ever world government has already broken into multiple and competing factions; which are themselves fracturing. The structures of control are crumbling fast; yet are still sufficient to cause great damage - because it is so much easier to destroy than to create. 

If any one of the more-powerful factions can cohere for longer than its rivals, and if this group also have a primarily destructive, spitefully motivated, purpose; then there is a rising possibility that there may soon be a cataclysmically-destructive event of the kind feared since 1945

Such a spitefully-evil group does exist, and is dominant in the foreign affairs and military sector of the USA. 

The climate of Establishment opinion is by-now extremely irrational and paranoid; and getting worse; and Western rulers (political, corporate, media etc) have lost capacity to understand realities; and thereby destroyed their own capacity to make realistic predictions of the consequences of their actions.  

So, almost anything might happen - no matter how stupid, insane or evil; no matter if it makes no rational or human or natural sense.

When irrationality is mandatory, and both nature and the human are officially objects of loathing; it seems quite likely that decisions will be made that are sense-less and benefit no-one human nor any living-thing. 

When ultimate control is not human but supernatural, demonic, evil-spiritual; then wholesale global destruction can be regarded with equanimity, indifference, or positive pleasure. 

When spite dominates motivation - then destruction of those you hate comes to matter more than anything else. 

Then the only absolutely-intolerable outcome is victory of those you hate; and if it seems inevitable that your worst enemy is about to win - then all consuming destruction is preferable.  

This is the mind-set of some people, who are - at present- in a position to achieve what they most desire. 

It is vital that we understand: There are such people

And they will do it - unless they are stopped... 

The open question is whether anyone who is capable of stopping them doing it, is sufficiently motivated actually to stop them doing it. 


the outrigger said...

This post reads like the other bookend to a topic I first *noticed* you address in Feb 2019* - it was on why revolutions metastasize and end up eating their own although it would be more accurate to say that is what I gleaned from it. Before that post I just knew that was what happens, afterwards I had an inkling as to why. For some reason it induced me to ask: What happens when a wish comes false? And I realized I’d unconsciously assumed an operation against the truth would get away scot-free, i.e., without diminishing one's ability to discern reality, 2020 vision intact, ready to mount another campaign. But a successful raid on what is true must include a concomitant loss of discernment. One ends up disadvantaged, less in command of the heights, less able to know what *is* true.... I’d never noticed the self-blinding aspect and it afforded me an insight into why I grow older but not wiser and *why* some paths I took in life blighted me…. Ruminating on that 2019 post turned out to be wonderful preparation for what was coming down the pipe - as this post makes clear. Belated thanks.

*Evil conspiracy entails cock-ups

Bruce Charlton said...

@outrigger - Thanks. It's interesting that this particular post from 4 years ago (I went back and re-read it) should have been significantly helpful to at least one person (you!) when it elicited no comments and a modest number of page views. It just goes to show: you never can tell...

Phil said...

There was a Reagan era Soviet joke:
Brezhnev was reviewing the troops & stopped in front of one soldier.
"How's it going, soldier?"
"Can't complain, sir."
He nods, "Yes, of course."
A few years later, Gorbachev decided to allow other parties to run in the election. After all, if a few cranks didn't vote Communist, it wouldn't change anything major. Most people were satisfied w/ the progress made under Socialism & would vote accordingly. You recall how that turned out.
I called this, "the Gorbachev effect"; Your analysis is deeper & more complete though.

John Goes said...

Bruce, I can assure you that many of your posts that have gone uncommented have not gone unnoticed. I know from my own experience, and talking with a couple of people in my life who I have introduced to your work, who actively engage with your journaling, that there is a lot of participation in your work, both in the realm of thinking, and through conversation with other “initiates.” I wish I had more energy and time to comment (family and work make it difficult), but please know that even when there are no comments it is highly likely the case that there are others out there who are chewing on what you’ve written and who are working on quite similar problems. Your effort is very much appreciated.

mobius said...

I'm not really qualified to comment much, but you're posts are always clarifying to me.

A said...

I think intelligent people (not citing self) tend to recognize they have nothing significant or meaningful to add, and need to think things through.

I have had the sensation that something is coming to a point again, perhaps spurred on by the numerous "anecdotal" accounts of people I know having sudden health difficulties and the effects of what you describe here hopefully trickling to greater public awareness - namely that it was all fake, it was all lies.

Brandon said...

I haven't followed this blog as much I'd like lately. Could you explain what you mean by the whole "Fire Nation" label? I've seen it in multiple posts now.

ben said...

This post reminds me of your predictions before the birdemic:

They take me right back... Despite everything, these have been a great few years.

Truth to Life said...

Speaking of cynicism, have you posted about QAnon? Part of me wants to believe there are good people in the government fighting the global establishment, but part of me suspects Q is controlled opposition. Knowing who to trust is difficult these days.

Bruce Charlton said...

@TtL - Clearly it is not what it claimed to be and its claims have (surely?) been falsified in essence and manyfold. Clearly that it encouraged people to 'have faith' in (dissident) authority to do the heavy lifting - and clearly that faith was betrayed.

What Q actually is, I neither know nor care. We know the official narrative is always false and evil-motivated, but what Really happened is usually Not knowable. This must just be accepted.

It is easy to know who Not to trust: Everybody in leadership positions in public life in The West.

Lady Mermaid said...

Interestingly the System seems to be spitting out several of its "leaders". The American media have decided to turn on Biden covering classified documents and gleefully talking about underwater poll numbers. The globalist darling who turned New Zealand into a prison island during the birdemic has also resigned. Something is up. Is the system looking for scapegoats to throw under the bus or is this a sign of the greater collapse that even the demons can longer keep the wheels turning?

Bruce Charlton said...

@LM - I have written several posts over the past couple of years about my interpretation of this, which I interpret as the breakdown of Ahrimanic ('lawful', bureaucratic) evil, into Sorathic (chaotic, spiteful) evil.

Further evidence from this can be seen in the sudden shift from respect and fear to mockery and scorn with respect to the WEF currently meeting in D*vos. The public perception of this organization has gone from that of the (now revealed) all-powerful secret world government planning the future of the planet in 2020... to a self-deluded talking-shop for faded-celebrity C-listers in 2023.

2022 saw the biggest re-shaping of world politics for about 70 years, and the end of Western hegemony - but the Ahrimanic bureaucrats are in denial - and continue to say and plan exactly the same things.

The problem is that while too weak to implement a world totalitarian regime, They are nonetheless still amply powerful enough to do immense damage. As the world slips from their grasp, the response may well be spiteful destruction on the lines of "if *I* can't have what *I* want, then Nobody-else should have what they want".

In other words; to bring Everything (or as much as possible) crashing-down on Their own heads as well as everybody-else's head, as They are expelled from the building.