Saturday 7 January 2023

What will be the 2023 early-year offensive against Western Civilization - and against whom will it be directed?

In 2020 we had the birdemic offensive against Western civilization (especially Christianity); amplified in 2021 by the peck offensive; and in 2022 the Fire Nation affair. 

These were primarily directed against the Western masses, and were all supported solidly and aggressively by the entirety of the Western Establishment: government, the leadership of major institutions, and the mass-social media.  

This year I presume there will be another offensive; and my best guess is that it will be an amplification of the Fire Nation affair - an amplification that is intended to draw-in - officially and fully (not just unofficially, partially, and in disguise) - the forces of the West.

But history is linear, and never repeats; and evil triumphant feeds upon itself. 

If early summer of 2020 represented the high point of the totalitarian, bureaucratic Ahrimanic evil of planning, surveillance and control; since then, there has since been a waxing of spiteful, short-termist, destructive and chaos-inducing Sorathic evil. 

So my prediction is that the 2023 offensive will be focused - not against the masses, but against the Globalist Establishment 

There have already been many astonishing and horrible provocations against the FN by the Sorathic powers; but these have so far failed to evoke any escalation from that side.  

Therefore, I think that the 2023 provocations will be directed against the West. 

In other words; I am suggesting that Sorathic powers within The West (such as extreme 'hawks', covert wreckers, or 'rogue elements' within The Establishment) will be attempting provocations that are designed irresistibly to trigger rapid and wholesale escalation from the Western Establishment

This kind of escalation is against the interests of the Globalist Establishment; who have so far prevented the rapid and multi-national escalation of the Fire Nation Affair - despite considerable pressure from the mass media and a minority of internal elements and their puppet-heroes. 

To overcome this evident reluctance; there would need to be staged (but deniably, presumably via a chain of proxies) some kind of un-concealable, major (and intended-to-be) irresistible 'atrocity'; against one or more of the key Western Allies - which atrocity would be blamed upon the Fire Nation. 

All kinds of horrible and obvious possibilities spring to mind; so I will not attempt to guess which is most likely. The point is that the provocation should be experienced as so extreme and terrible as to be impossible to ignore, and demanding of a quick and extreme (and unwise) response.  

The intent, therefore, would be to stampede the Establishment into acting against their own interests; in such a way as further and irreversibly to initiate the collapse of their monolithic global structure of control (subversion and inversion) of thinking and feeling. 

Instead: to Cry 'Havoc!', and let slip the dogs of war.

Accelerating chaos.

It's all just a guess; but if it does happen, then don't be fooled. We can't stop it - that is not our job. Our job is spiritual, and consists in knowing evil, cutting-through its deceptions, pointing-out its operations, to declare: I See You!


Daniel said...

Could you clarify what 'Fire Nation' and 'the peck' refer to?
I've searched the internet but couldn't find anything.

Bruce Charlton said...

@D - You need to search this blog, using the box in the top left corner; e.g.

Jacob Gittes said...

It almost seems like the destruction sought by the Sorathic forces hasn't occurred yet to the extent "they" want. I almost sense disappointment, which seems oddly funny to me.
Why would "they" be disappointed that their realm hasn't suffered enough loss of coherence and integrity?