Sunday 15 January 2023

This mortal life on earth: On the one hand... On the other...

On the one hand... On the other...

On the one hand: There are truly wonderful experiences in life - for those open to them and who regard reality as meaningful...

(How can it have become normal and unremarkable for so many people so blandly to assume that ultimate reality is without purpose or meaning? How have we arrived at a point when this is officially true, officially taught, and a background assumption to all mainstream public discourse? 

This is an utterly nihilistic and inevitably despair-inducing basis for life - but it is unremarkable normality for almost everyone!

How can this be just unremarkable 'common sense' for so many Men and organizations?

And, having made this life-destroying assumption of a purposeless and meaningless reality; why is this position so vehemently defended?)

On the other hand; we have the essential un-satisfactoriness of life as a whole; of this mortal life bounded by birth and death. 

It's not that good-things don't happen, but when they do happen - they are never enough!

(One might have the happiest or most transformative spiritual experience... but what then? Life goes on, and on...)

Mortal life just is not good-enough and never has been - and all honest and competent Men have always known this. 

The mortal life of men is unsatisfactory at worst, overall, on average, and (even) among the saints and geniuses. No Man's life has ever been good-enough - on the whole; no matter how wonderful are moments and parts.  

Those who say otherwise - that this mortal Life is sufficient and Good of-itself - are ignorant, dishonest, or engaging in a desperate form of wishful-thinking,

(Understandably... in light of the mainstream nihilism; and such falsehoods are the only way that they can motivate themselves to keep-going.)


No matter what true, profound and inspiring experience; life is experienced as not-solidly-meaningful, ragged, incoherent - and often or usually at a much lower level than it ought to be. And if, at this moment, one thinks otherwise; then that is wrong. 

If a cult develops to pretend the perfection of any person (some leader, some figurehead) - it will be deluded and wrong. 

Infrequent patchiness of goodness, rightness, elevation; is the best attainable state.  

The reason why is that this mortal life on earth is a transitional phase

Of its nature it is not intended to be a thing-in-itself.

Because life is mortal, and this world is entropic - all is transient; Man's life and the earth are-not-designed/ are-designed-not to be independently sufficient.

When viewed from-within this mortal life; we discover its infinite promise, yet inevitable unsatisfactoriness. 

Only when viewed from a perspective beyond this mortal life may we realize what it's all about; and why it is this way it is... 

But such a view cannot make the unsatisfactory sufficient! We are still inside the same situation as before. 

Only, now we know why.  


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