Saturday 21 January 2023

A note on the motivation of vengeance - seeking revenge

Linked to the following post; modern Christians may wonder what motivates so many people among the 'leadership' class of The West; since conventionally allowed motivators such as greed, lust and pride seem inadequate - and only those of the most advanced evil are primarily spiteful-destructive (pursuing this even when it brings material harm to themselves). 

The neglected sinful-motivation is vengeance

Vengeance is seldom mentioned in contemporary life, being normally regarded as an obsolete motivation, a product of ancient warrior societies - yet this cultural neglect of a tremendously powerful human motivator is mistaken.  

We in The West inhabit a society where, for about seventy years, more-and-more people have been encouraged and rewarded for regarding themselves as victims; and embracing victimhood embraced leads naturally to the sin of resentment, and a desire for revenge. 

Thus we arrived at the current situation in which many or most of the world leadership class regard themselves as members of one or another of the multiplying victim classes; and consequently are motivated by a desire for vengeance against those they blame for this situation. 

The thing about vengeance is that it can lead to self-destructive behaviour on the part of those seeking revenge. In other words, the desire to inflict revenge may be so powerful that vengeance-seekers may sacrifice their own well-being in order to inflict harm on their perceived victimizers. 

Once we make the step of regarding vengeance as a genuine possibility - I think we can easily perceive it at work in the word today; and a prime motivator behind much of the worst that goes-on at the leadership level; as well as among those managers and minions who serve these leaders.

This is probably a major reason why the demonic overlords have pursued for so long and unrelenting campaign of 'affirmative action' for all resentment-motivated 'minorities, at the same time as multiplying the number of such groups and their membership.

More than two generations of accelerating systemic-preferential distortion has ensured an abundant prevalence evil-motivated personnel in the institutions of 2023.  


Epimetheus said...

Vengeance for the extermination/imprisonment program in Europe in the 30s and 40s, especially. A story that can excuse any evil one might want to do.

T said...


Thus vengeance is only for the Lord. That is for our soul's protection.

The Lord gives us righteous retribution to evil. Arise Christian chivalry.

Chesterton for today: scale force (critically thoughtful/logical argument, simple and/or deadly) for the love and defense of those behind you more than the hatred of them in front.

Lastly, all force used in self-defense is offensive.