Wednesday 16 August 2017

Fake news is good news: We should want a worse (not better) mass media: Spiritual repentance and awakening cannot come via the mass media - only in reaction against it

The mass media is a distraction from what Western Man ought to be thinking, experiencing, understanding, aiming-at.

Spiritual repentance and awakening must be an individual choice; a choice of each individual - and would constitute an extreme turn-around from current attitudes and assumptions. Because it amounts to a metaphysical revolution, this would either happen rapidly or not at all.

Awakening would require a disengagement from the mass media, based upon a recognition of its net-evil; and a turning-to the true-self and God-within.

The individual must attend to the most direct experience. Awakening therefore cannot come from anything which is second-hand, and reported in the virtual/ fake world of the mass media.

The mass media is (and must be recognised as) a demonic tool (overall); and the strategy of evil is therefore to keep everybody possible fixated-upon the media for as much time as possible - naturally there will then take their overall world picture from it.

Enlightenment cannot come even from the tiny minority of good bits of the mass media - except insofar as they trigger a withdrawal from the mass media in its totality. 

Therefore, the worse the mass media becomes - the more extreme its fakery and oppression and censorship of truth, beauty and virtue; the more insistent and sickening its promotion of lies, ugliness, short-term selfishness and pride; the more its manufactured dishonesty clashes with directly-known reality etc. - the better is the prospect of stimulating revulsion and Awakening.

We shouldn't want a better mass media, but a more-obviously-worse one.

The media's only catastrophic error would be over-reach and premature extremism - such that too-many people too-quickly recognised it for what it is; and withdrew. 

Of course, we are free agents - and many or most people might still decide to stick with media reality instead of what they know, no matter how bad the mass media becomes - and predictable consequences will follow; but the more clearly people recognise that that is the decision they are making - the more likely that they will repent and awaken.

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