Thursday 31 August 2017

Never connect - do not comunicate

Half of the problems of modern life come from trying to communicate; when what is actually required is that each person grasp reality directly, for himself.

(The other half comes from trying always to exploit - for personal gain - that which is known.)

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Kirk Forlatt said...

Exactly right. Professional pastors are the best and most immediate example of this. The tiny number of them who actually do think for themselves and arrive at their own conclusions will turn their energies to trying to suss out how to turn their conclusions into a "ministry." Translation: how to make money with this idea. So ironic that a man would reach conclusions through difficult mental/spiritual labor, and then tell others that if they pay him a weekly tithe, he will spare them the heavy lifting and plop the answers down on their plate. So he becomes dependent on the flock for income (meaning he will compromise to keep them in the pews) and the flock becomes dependent on the pastor (meaning they are forever scrambling to impress him with how obedient and teachable they are). And all of this could be avoided if the pastor/Christian would keep his mouth shut and quietly earn his living with his hands, encouraging everyone in his sphere to do the same.