Friday 18 August 2017

Living well, here and now, in the light of prophecy...

I do not believe that divine destiny is organised in terms of numbers, therefore it cannot be predicted from numerical patterns. I don't believe that God follows a timetable for human salvation and theosis; nor do I believe that theological history is following an abstract geometrical master plan expressive of specific proportions.

I regard time as serial and sequential; as implied by the fact that Christianity is an historical religion and the fact of free agency (hence non-predictability).

And therefore, I am sure that all prophecies of divinely-ordained events which are tied to specific dates are intrinsically wrong - because derived from false premises.

However, the validity of prophecy as such is not ruled-out - indeed it would be difficult and inconsistent for a Christian to rule-out the validity of prophecy, considering its emphasis in the Gospels (as well as elsewhere in the Bible).

All that is uncertain concerning the validity of prophecy as a general phenomenon (not each specific prophecy, of course) is the mechanisms by which prophecy is made to be fulfilled - and here there are presumably many ways and means by which a prophesied event can be made to come to fulfilment - ranging from predictions based upon extrapolation from a very complete basis of knowledge, to direct divine interventions (whether explicit and miraculous, or behind-the-scenes imperceptible)...

More specific aspects of exactly which prophecy I currently live by, and the aim of my living, can be found in the rest of this essay, at Albion Awakening


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Obie said...

What people fail to realize is that God isn't waiting on a series of prophesied signs to take place before His Son returns. He's waiting on His people to repent and call on Him to rule over them. When they do that, when they overturn the disastrous decision they made thousands of years ago to have a man be their king, everything will fall into place and Christ's millennial reign will at long last begin.