Friday 11 August 2017

Who - exactly - are the (evil-motivated) Global Conspiracy/ Establishment/ Hidden Hand?

Why is it so hard (given the colossal amount of supporting evidence) for the Western population to believe that there is a group of very powerful people in the world who are not just trying to enrich themselves, not just incompetent fools - but who are strategically evil - that is, actively and explicitly pursuing an agenda designed to harm?

There are at least several reasons - and they are related to mass secularism, atheism, the rejection of Christianity - and the consequent incoherence, alienation, nihilism and despair.

1. Spiritual not material

The first is that the evil they do is primarily spiritual, not material.

Most conspiracy theorists assert that the Global Elite are trying to cause death, disease, poverty and misery - but they are not going to convince many people in a world where the opposite trends have been in place for decades: massive world population growth continuing, extending average lifespans, excess production of food and other essentials - as well as trivialities and luxuries, Western medicine everywhere, including the poorest places - the populations of which therefore continue to grow rapidly...

Either such an elite is not very powerful, grossly incompetent, or counter productive!

2. Minds not bodies

Only from a Christian perspective can we perceive that the trend is not material but spiritual; and towards a state of value inversion rather than physical suffering.

For instance; we can all recognise that we are living in a society of near-total surveillance (for most of the population - e.g. nearly every social media user with a smart phone) - but hardly anybody understands why.

The reason is quite simple: surveillance leads onto control - but it is minds that are to be controlled, primarily (not bodies). The System intends to convert humans minds into conduits for externally-derived information and stimulation; and has apparently persuaded the mass  public that this is precisely what it most wants to happen.

When there is sufficiently high volume and rapid throughput of attention-grabbing stimuli - then humans will be unable to think for-themselves and will be completely at the mercy of those who control the throughput.

3. Damnation not death

The evil Establishment are, at some level and in some ways, demonically controlled - which means that their objective is spiritual warfare, not physical warfare; and their ultimate aim is damnation of souls, not the suffering or death of bodies.

So the Hidden Hand is quite happy to promote pleasure and prosperity, extend lifespan, pursue World Peace or anything else that may help in achieving their real goal of damning souls.

4. Damnation is difficult

It is, however, difficult to attain the damnation of souls - because the world was created and is sustained by a loving God, whose children we are. Since the time of Jesus Christ; there are many ways that we can escape damnation and accept eternal life and spiritual growth to becomes full sons and daughters of God.

The basic fact is that all damnation is self-damnation; so the problem for demonic powers is to induce people to reject salvation and thereby damn themselves.

The most potent cure for this world (in some way established, made effectual, by the life/ death/ resurrection of Jesus) is repentance - which is an acknowledgement of the rightness and desirability of God's plan for men and women.

5. Repentance

The big problem of the Enemy is that at any time, in any place, anybody may repent and accept the gift of Jesus - and escape the fate of damnation which is prepared for them. How, then, to stop Men repenting?

This is where totalitarian surveillance and control comes in. Once thought has been taken-over; then its content can be subverted then inverted. Good and bad are reverse; truth and lies, beauty and ugliness, virtue and sin... all can be upended and Men made actively to desire damnation on the basis that they judge it to be superior to salvation.

When effective, this pre-treatment will ensure that someone given a clear choice, knowing all the outcomes, will choose damnation in preference to salvation; will indeed regard salvation as evil.

So, who exactly are the Global Conspiracy? The answer is that it doesn't matter - what does matter is that you yourself are standing upon firm ground from which you can validly evaluate. You yourself must have a solid and coherent basis for judgment - and then whatever tricks are applied, from whatever quarter, you will be superior to them and able to rise above them.

Things are certainly bad, in a spiritual sense, in the world now - perhaps worse than ever before. But they are not too bad for us to cope. And if we do root ourselves in the stability of truth, beauty and virtue; and if we can find these within ourselves so that we are autonomous from corruptible institutions - then the multiplicity of threats and challenges will become transformed into a source of greater strength and clearer understanding.

By resisting that which seeks to overcome us, we grow; by overcoming resistance, we grow. With repentance, we cannot lose (so long as we want to win).


stephens said...

And the, much larger, non-western world is relatively immune from all this. Hence, I suppose, the desperate intolerance of and outright hostility towards non-western countries who do not go along with the "Leftist" cause.

The western elite seem determined for a "globalization" that enshrines this "Leftist" ideology of inverted values in the legal (and educational) systems of all countries. Thus the incessant western government/media attacks on those countries which are the biggest obstacle or threat to their plan. Russia and China spring to mind.

whitestone said...

Nail on the head there. Question. Why is it so much easier to choose to do the wrong thing and so much harder to do the right. 🙂 What a battle.

Bruce Charlton said...

@whitestone - Fortunately for us, it does not matter how many times we make the wrong choice - so long as we repent. Otherwise we wouldn't have a chance.

Rainforest Giant said...

The elites appear to want a lot of us but not healthy people. Mentally, physically, and spiritually they work for our decline and degradation. Does being physically and mentally healthy help strengthen our spiritual self? It must or they would not work so hard to break us down.

Or perhaps being unhealthy can lend us to certain unhealthy practices like envy, lust, sloth and gluttony.

Bruce Charlton said...

@RF - Clearly 'they' don't actively want people with optimal mental function. But on the other hand, if the objective was an unhealthy population then this is trivially easy to achieve; and would therefore presumably have already been achieved. The fact it hasn't happened suggests it isn't a major objective.