Tuesday 15 August 2017

Look to motives, not to words: Ignore the 'facts', attack the motives

The mainstream secular Left lies, all the time - in every paragraph; and that is an evil: both in itself, and because its creates a world where public truth is impossible.

But one thing they do which is right is to look behind the words and to the motivations of their enemies  - and this is why their lies are effective.

They ignore what we actually say (the facts) and attack our motives. And that is exactly the correct thing to do.

(Correct assuming we are honest, which they are not.)

There is no point in arguing with the words of the secular Left - because they are liars. Their supreme idea of truth is the legal one of deniable-misleading.

It does not matter what people say, it does not matter what the official and media sources 'report', their statistics do not matter: the 'evidence' does not matter. It is all poisoned from its very root.

We need to focus on motivations. We must focus on motivations. We ask: 'What are the motivations driving what these people are saying and doing?' (Because everything they say and do is a product of these motivations.)

That is where the primary inference is made, which guides all other evaluations: what are the motivations of the mainstream secular leadership of this, our society?

This is what we must each of us decide, what we must infer (because nobody 'authoritative' can tell us - at least not until after we have evaluated/ inferred who is authoritative).

You don't need to - indeed should not - look at The News; unless you believe that the people who produce it are well-motivated. There are a limitless number of ways to lie and mislead - and if that is their motivation, that is what they will be doing.

When it comes to important matters (and indeed most matters) - Don't take any notice of the media, or of bureaucrats, or of the leadership class: Christians know (or ought to know) they are corrupt, liars who have actively-evil motivations or who serve the agenda of active evil - inverting of Goods: destructive of truth, beauty, virtue.

Focus on motivations; not 'facts'/ lies. Attack the motivations, not the specifics.

(And when people cannot or will not recognise evil motivations; there is nothing that can be done to convince them, no evidence, no logic - that is their decision, and they will take the spiritual consequences. Pass on.)

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