Wednesday 9 August 2017

We need to cure our impatient addiction to understanding, predicting and shaping the world (it just leads to fakery, anyway)

Modern people have an impatient addictive compulsion towards understanding, predicting and intervening in the world to change it in more gratifying directions - and being both modern and secular; they combine this impatient addiction with short-termist selfishness.

The combination of demanding Capability-Now results in error and dishonesty on a scale never before seen - with the global We Can Control The Future Climate Of The Earth (if only you will give us enough power) Scam utterly-dwarfing any self-deceptive idiocy of earlier times.

Attempts to introduce some degree of critical thinking or prudence into public policy have been completely without effect; so I think we can only begin to break-out of the destructive cycle of dishonest motivations, fake knowledge and fake technology by first stepping back from the pernicious urge to shape everything in-line with whatever today's urgent imperative happens to be being-peddled by the mass media.

But this, of course, will not work nor even be attempted unless embedded in a large scale religious perspective that informs the human condition and our personal destiny; but if we do have such a perspective then we can and should take several large steps back from the interventional mania - which is wholly manipulated by what David Icke has neatly termed the Problem-Reaction-Solution news cycle.

That is, the Western rulers create a problem, which evokes a reaction - and then they offer a (pre-planned) 'solution' that is calculated to maintain and amplify the original problem (this being conducted via the mainstream mass media).

Think of mainstream discourse on immigration, terrorism, education, poverty, foreign policy... No 'solution' ever 'solves' the problem; instead all 'solutions' feed the problem.

So long as we respond to every manipulated 'outrage' with a reflex and urgent demand for solutions, this will just continue happening and happening; and the underlying structural reality will just keep getting worse and worse.

We need to start relating to the world in a baseline fashion more like that of young children or hunter gatherers - that is, we need to acknowledge the realities of the world rather than trying to manipulate the world.

Insofar as modern Western Man really has learnt to manipulate the world in some ways; this has been a product of the sustained and honest effort of a relatively small number of well-motivated individuals - if the effort is badly-motivated, too short or poisoned by hype, spin, and lies - then the results are guaranteed to be bad, one way or the other.

Absent Truth, Beauty and Virtue we will not, in fact, be manipulating the world, but instead facilitating the manipulation-of ourselves.

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