Thursday 3 August 2017

The Western Ruling class are Not trying to provoke civil war or engineer economic collapse. (Our situation is much worse than that.)

One reason why secular, supposedly 'Right Wing' politicians and commentators are unable to awaken Western society to its existential peril, is that they are mistaken about the nature of this peril; and therefore impute false motivations to the evil overlords of the Left, while being blind to the true nature of our situation.


Chiu ChunLing said...

It's sometimes important to distinguish between primary aims and inevitable consequences of any intentional action. One can in one sense say that the actual death of a murder victim is rarely the primary aim of a murderer...standard investigative technique makes discerning some other purpose served by the murder a crucial part of the triangulation to identify the likely culprit.

However, it would be misleading to say that, because the death of the victim was not the primary motive or ultimate objective of the murderer, therefore the death is an unintentional act, and even more mistaken to imply that the death did not occur as the result of the acts of the murderer.

The inevitability of economic collapse and civil war are a readily foreseeable result of the actions of those who presume themselves our rulers. These results were not merely foreseeable, but were definitely foreseen, as evidenced by the contingencies that have been put in place to attempt to mitigate the consequences for those who have made them inevitable.

So in ordinary language, we should say that a murderer intentionally committed murder as a means to some other end than the death of the victim. This does not mean that they did not try to commit the murder. It just means that the murder itself was not the entire goal of the murderer.

Bruce Charlton said...

That the economic collapse and/ or civil war are not the aim is shown by the action taken to stop these. For example, the fake economic crisi of 2008 was not allwoed to become a real one - it was just exploited to advantage the international elite (minus a few temporary scapegoats). The incipient race war that began in London in 2011 was squashed by a calculated combination of permissive and repressive mass policing. There are many similar examples from terrorism - a crisis is provoked/ permitted - on the one hand it is not allowed to escalate, but neither is it cured or prevented (which would usually be easily achieved). Continuous, low grade, slowly increasing fear and resentment... that seems to be what is aimed-at.