Tuesday 1 August 2017

What will the great awakening look like?

When the change came there were signs. The sun was different, the moon also - the airs and winds and waters...because all are sentient and knew (in their way) that the time had come. the very earth, too - in its slow vast movements.

Invisible waves, forces, radiations also changed. Everywhere there were signs - for those who could think, and knew their thinking to be true.

As for the others - their dreams knew; whenever their egos were stripped away, their emotions knew.

The children knew - the younger they were, the more they perceived it.

But the change was primarily in Men - because that is reality; that is how creation is organised...


There was change - the choice was recognising this change - because it was a change in thinking. It was not, essentially, out-there - and it did not impose itself on people. It was deniable.

Some Men inverted their thinking, systematically inverted their evaluations, inverted their discernment. Shielded their real selves and thought by inculcated habits - or refused to think for themselves, to know for themselves.

True thinking was consciously prevented.

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