Sunday 28 January 2018

Christianity Or Western Civilisation? Things coming to a point...

I am becoming more sure that - as things come to a point - there will be an ever-clearer choice between Christianity and Western Civilisation; between spiritual and social priorities.

The choice of which shall we try to save - because only one will be (or seem to be) saveable at the cost of the other.

This, ultimately because the future of Christianity, the divinely-destined future of human spiritual and consciousness development (living more-fully in accordance with the example, teaching, and cosmic transformation from Jesus Christ) - will turn-out to be incompatible with what have come to regard as civilisation.

And also because the Global Establishment (and the demonic powers behind it) will hold civilisation to ransom - will credibly threaten to bring-everything-down in an international collapse and catastrophe; the ransom-price of which will be Christianity: real Christianity of the heart.

(Civilisation retained - or the 'promise' to retain it - perhaps at the ransom-price of retaining the institutional structures of Christianity: the material churches, their organised personnel, communications, buildings, funds etc - all of which can plausibly be destroyed by such a collapse, properly directed. The institutional structures can be traded against the intangible, subjectively-known, individual reality of Christianity.)

So, on present trends it will probably end-up being either/ or.

Be prepared.


William Wildblood said...

I think you are right and that it will eventually come down to a definitive choice. The choice will be between something that appears unreal and vague, and something tangible and present. The right choice will be made shameful and stupid. It will require sacrifice. The wrong choice will seem logical and good. It will lead to reward. I would guess that there will even be versions of Christianity that have 'evolved' to fit into contemporary Western civilisation's idea of what is good.

Nobody knows when this will be. It could be years down the line, but the ground is being carefully prepared and I fear that each generation might find it a little harder to resist as they are separated in time from traditional and normal ideas of being, and subjected to indoctrination from all sides, including from those they should be able to trust such as teachers, parents and religious leaders, never mind artists and purveyors of culture. You might say this has always been the case but in the past most education and art was rooted in Christian principles. Its foundations were in truth even if the constructions were not always exactly as they should be.

David Balfour said...

"Be prepared." How?

Bruce Charlton said...

@William - Thanks.

@David. That's what most of this blog is about. But the main way to be prepared is to sort out your priorities in advance and expect the crisis to be engineered; so you can recognise the situation when it arises.

pyrrhus said...

The Cardinal George, previous Archbishop of Chicago, predicted that he would die in his bed, his successor would die in prison, and his successors would be burned at the stake...Cardinal George died in his bed in 2015...

Chiu ChunLing said...

There can be no choice between a building and its foundation.

That is not to say that there is no plan to present or offer the choice, but it is clearly a false one. The dreamed anti-Christian utopia of the Marxists cannot really exist, it is like Satan's plan for taking over Heaven and ruling in God's place. A ridiculous pipe-dream based on a fundamental lack of understanding of the situation. Heaven isn't Heaven except because it is ruled by God rather than Satan. Western Civilization isn't civilization (nor does it have its particular Western character) once you remove Christianity.

This must always be foremost in our minds and in our arguments when our enemies present this choice...they are wrong to the point of ludicrous delusion about such a choice between Western Civilization and Christianity being at all possible. It is the classic tactic of the psychopathic murderer to pretend to give their victims such 'choices'...but the truth is that the choice is between resistance at all hazards and trusting the mercy and honor of an utterly vile criminal. When you understand the reality of the situation, the deception is revealed.

Bruce Charlton said...

@CCL - That's well put.

I would add that the form of 'Institutional' Christianity upon which Western Civilization was built, is gone and cannot (also should not) be recovered.