Tuesday 2 January 2018

My ultimate reason for blogging...

When I do these ‘different takes’ on doctrine or theology, the idea is that sometimes, some people need to see the important ideas from a new angle. 

‘Some people’ including myself – in that there are matters that I find I do not *really* understand that everybody else apparently finds straightforward. 

When I make some kind of a mini-breakthrough or obtain a clarification, my hope is that this might help somebody else (some individual – not some mass or group of people). 

Surprisingly often, this is the case – and that person lets me know that it has ‘hit home’. 

This is what blogging is all about, for me. The majority of people, for whom any specific remark is unhelpful, should (and generally do) ignore it!

The above was abstracted from a comment I made at Junior Ganymede, and was included in a delightsome extemporised post by Blogmeister-G.

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watson79 said...

well put Dr. Charlton. You have a gift of revealing what I knew, but didn't know I knew it. That may sound silly, but that is the purpose of true philosophy and even great art.