Thursday 25 January 2018

The deep meaning of evolution: 'unfoldment of human consciousness'

Over at Albion Awakening, William Wildblood provides us with a luminous and inspiring statement of the divinely-destined nature and direction of human evolution (excerpted below):

We start as new born spiritual babes, one with our environment and not consciously separated out from that. But then as we grow and start to explore and experience the world we become more aware of ourselves as the inner subject. 

As time goes by, the inner subject dominates our consciousness more than the outer object though our lives exist as an interaction between the two. But eventually we become wholly identified with the inner subject, and this results in a sense of alienation which is fairly obviously our current position. 

It's the bottom of the evolutionary arc. Now is the time to ascend, to go back to the understanding and realisation that we are one with life and to become full participants in the wholeness of being, but this time in an active, conscious mode with includes creativity and will. 

Thus attempts to revert to the securities of spiritual childhood, which range from fundamentalist religion to neo-paganism along with a whole host of other manifestations of escapism, are not what is required. The solution is to grow up spiritually, which we do by accepting the transcendent dimension of life and then seeking to attune ourselves to it though a conscious attempt to think and to know according to its reality. 

We move from the Adamic state of passive oneness with life, or nature, to a self-consciousness in which the sense of separation is primary, but that means that freedom can start to be known and will developed. That, in turn, leads to the prison of the self-enclosed ego. We have to break out of that, and the only way is to seek our true being in God. 

Not in the sense of being absorbed by him. The aim is to become conscious partners with God in an ever-expanding celebration of creation. Not equal partners, of course, but joined in a relationship of oneness in love. 

So much for the path to be trodden, but how, practically speaking, do we tread it? I think the key to it all is Christ. He was the forerunner who showed us the way but he is also, as he said, himself the Way. It is through him that the path is trodden. He cannot be set aside or even regarded as one way amongst many. He is the Way and the Goal.

Read the whole thing here.

It is seldom that I endorse another person's writing 100% - but I do with this article!

Although William and I have been correspondents for a couple of years, and currently collaborate on Albion Awakening, also read and comment on each other's writings; what I find fascinating and encouraging is that we reached this high level of agreement and mutual support from very different starting points, and via very different life trajectories.

Given how non-mainstream and unusual our views; this tends to confirm to me that we have converged so-much because we have converged-on reality.

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William Wildblood said...

Many thanks for your kind words, Bruce. What I also like about this idea is that it attributes a value and a purpose to things like creation, time, history and the individual, which are sometimes seen as unreal or without true substance in certain forms of mysticism and philosophy. Things to be transcended. I think this is where the West can build on and take forward the metaphysical insights of the East. The spiritual path is not just about returning to God but returning to God as a full individual.