Sunday 21 January 2018

For those who like the metaphysics on this blog...

Don't forget that the metaphysical posts from this Notions blog - including the recent line-of-work concerning Direct Christianity - are being collected in a more concentrated form at the Owen Barfield Blog - since I am pursuing a line established by Barfield (and his mentor Rudolf Steiner).

What I have done is to absorb the analysis and methods of Barfield and Steiner; and (without continually referencing back to them) am following these insights into those areas that most concern me - in particular the necessity for metaphysical reconstruction of modern assumptions as a basis for better ways of thinking and being.

Ultimately, I want to do philosophy and theology in a mode of being and persons - their motivations, intentions, emotions, knowledge etc; instead of the usual way of doing philosophy in abstractions (entities, forces, structures, attributes etc).

This is difficult for me to do (as it was for both Steiner and Barfield, who recurrently lapsed into abstraction despite their best intent) - but I am pretty sure it is what most needs to be done.

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lgude said...

I often find philosophy and/or metaphysics tend to get too intellectual so that is an approach I will gladly follow up. Thanks!