Monday 22 January 2018

The next step: When you don't believe Them - Say so!

This is the next step...

As Vox Day has accurately stated, and as we all ought to know by now, SJWs Always Lie: which means that the mass media, government, bureaucracies and all large mainstream institutions Always Lie.

And Liars cannot be trusted: should not be trusted.

So when you believe that they are lying, you should say, preferably out-loud and clear, that you do not believe them.

This is the next step.

This is what the public, what people-in-general need to hear. They need to hear people saying what they know in their hearts to be true. In private, in public - this needs to be said.

When They lie, say it out-loud and in something as clear and simple as these words: I Don't Believe It (or I Don't Believe You).

No need to be aggressive, just state it clearly and firmly. 

And don't back down, stick to it - keep at it.

Say it again - whenever needed. 

(It is after all unarguable: I, personally, don't believe it, I don't believe you. It's just a fact. Why should I believe you? You of all people!)

Don't say there is 'no evidence', or some such evasion - because these people fake the evidence: that's what they do - they do it all the time! If they need evidence, they will invent it.

Evidence, from These People, means nothing.

Haven't you been paying attention? They select, distort and misinterpret - they make things up from nothing - they 'quote' what nobody ever said - massive realities disappear, insignificant nothings become national obsessions...

They employ fake experts and pseudo-experts; they fund fake demonstrators to have fake riots; they fake patients, fake victims.

They bribe and/ or intimidate officials all the time! 

They lose information, edit recordings, fake documents, fake statistics, fake graphs, fake photographs...  

When it comes to SJWs there is no such thing as 'evidence' - you simply can't believe them. You should not believe them.

Because they are liars; and liars ought not be believed, or truth is lost.

Now - with so much hype, spin, lies and fakery - you don't know and I don't know what the real actual truth is... Don't be drawn into that!

You don't know what 'really happened', and you don't need to know.

All you know, and all you need to know - is that They are Not telling the Truth.

So: Don't Believe Them. 

Say it! Keep saying it!


Jeremiah Alphonsus on Youtube said...

They're true children of their father the devil, a liar and murderer from the beginning.

dienw said...

Not only must we declare what the SJW say is wrong, we must understand that the philosophy of the past 180 years that lead us to this crisis is wrong. We just cannot go back and say "well this philosopher is wrong on this particular issue; so we'll just excise the phrase, clause or paragraph and continue to build on what the philosopher said." No, the philosopher himself must excised; for his writing is all of one piece.

I am paraphrasing Mortimer Adler from one of his books.

MultiplayerMario64 said...

I understand Mr Jordan Peterson doesn’t quite fall into the category genuine christian but I find fascinating how his recent interview on Channel 4 converges with this topic of the left being a bunch of liars. In this follow-up interview Mr Peterson describes in detail how his interviewer had just changed the second the cameras had started rolling, it’s quite a story:

Bruce Charlton said...

I certainly support Jordan Peterson (Dr, surely, not Mr!) against his critics - but his views closely resemble my own from about 15-25 years ago, before I was a Christian; so I can't regard him as more than half-right, and wrong in depth.

Ingemar said...

I'm not terribly impressed with Dr. Peterson (he seems to me little more than this generation's exponent of the Jungian worldview) but the good that he does--encouraging his followers to take personal responsibility and challenging the Left--cannot be denied.

Bruce Charlton said...

@INgemar - I support honesty - However, JP is not advocating the one thing needful - which gives purpose, meaning, participation, reality...; for lack of which all else is futile. To be brutal, he just functions as a corner of the mass media; a source of stories, another distraction...

MultiplayerMario64 said...
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