Monday 8 January 2018

Lies upon lies about sex and the media - another consequence of the decline of Christianity.

Dishonesty is the most pervasive form of corruption - and the one that enables all the others to thrive.

This is possible because humans are Not naturally honest; neither intrinsically, biologically nor culturally honest.

Instead, as a general rule, people tell other people whatever is expedient - constrained only by what is deniable... what they can get-away-with - and truthfulness is reserved for a few, very specific situations.

But even specific honesty - as a positive goal - is unlikely, unless honesty is general. Science was basically honest until about the middle 1960s, but in face of the collapse of Western societal honesty is now no more honest that mainstream culture: which is to say that modern 'science' (ie professional research) does not even aim to be honest.  

Generalised honesty is, in essence, a purely Christian virtue, and has existed only in (some) Christian societies, and when Christianity has been dominant. And as Western Christianity has lapsed and been driven-out from public discourse and from all major social institutions (including law, education, and science); so has the ideal of honesty.

There is a clear dichotomy. Honesty is either a social ideal, and as such is the aim of all statements - great and small; or else is it is not - and any statement may be framed on a continuum from maximum to minimum honesty - from strictest possible honesty, to maximum strategic expediency.

Such thoughts were prompted by an extremely clarifying quote from the Instapundit Glenn Reynolds (H/T Dox Day):

Remember, they’re not making a big deal about sexual assault in Hollywood because they found out about it. They’re making a big deal because you found out about it.

The lessons of the Hollywood/ Mass-Media-in-general sex scandals are being lied about (purposefully, strategically) just as the normal, standard, approved, systematic sexual depravity and corruption of Hollywood is lied about in multiple ways.

The Mass Media who report the sex scandals are exactly the same social system within which the depraved sexuality occurs. What we can see is that there is a near-total cleavage in the sexual morals of the Mass Media and of ordinary people - especially in relation to the business of paedophilia/ pederasty/ assault/ rape relating to pre-pubertal children which is clearly common in the Mass Media, and a very common motivation among global Establishment leadership - while being almost unknown and incomprehensible outside of it.

This is not 'normal sexuality' being liberated by wealth and opportunity - it is a rare, corrupt, perverted and alien form of sexual desire. Yet it is so common among the ruling elites (not only in the mass media, but also politics and several other of the major social institutions) as to be regarded by insiders as normal.

As Glenn Reynolds said: from the mass media insider elite perspective, the only problem about systematic sexual corruption is when ordinary people get to hear about it. When there is honesty about what the insider elites are doing sexually, as a matter of daily routine - indeed as a matter of specific strategic preparation and organisation.

Otherwise it is evil concealed by lies upon lies, decade after decade. Among many tens of thousands of (rich, famous, powerful, high status) people who know exactly what is going-on and are quite happy about the situation - so long as other-people don't know what is going-on. 

If, like me, you believe that the mass media is the primary and most powerful social institution in The West; and the social institution that most pervasively shapes the minds, motivations and attitudes of the largest numbers of people... well then, This Is A Problem.

In fact it is, not just A problem; but The problem.



MultiplayerMario64 said...

I thank God for having stumbled upon your analysis of the mass media a couple of years ago. The sexual depravity of it all is a lot to stomach and even harder it is to become aware that the tentacles of this beast are everywhere. It seems almost like you cannot count on anyone in these matters other than the rare clear voices from blogosphere and one’s own gut feeling. What a nightmare to born into, I feel sorry for all the gullible kids, but feeling sorry doesn’t help — the therapeutic culture (which has pretty much taken over western Christianity) feeds this monster by tacitly welcoming lies alongside truth and making one confusing mess of our human need for a truthful authority. What the youth needs, what I would have needed few years ago, is chartiable reprimanding, not catering to their worst desires. But then again, for that to happen we would need to have honesty and real Christianity back in place.

Bruce Charlton said...

@MM64 - Indeed.

But there is a sense in which the system is sustained by mass media addiction, and a sense in which every MM addict knows that they are addicted - then it is a question of whether they embrace or reject the goodness of their addiction.

Because if/ when people do detach themselves from the 24/7 propaganda - the 'Direct' inspirational and intuitive knowledge of The Good will become clear to them... Then it is a question of which side they choose.

Each of us has (I believe) chosen to be born here and now, so that we have a chance to learn what we most need to learn it is therefore each individual's unshirkable responsibility to take responsibility.

In a sense, there is more real/ true/ Good information available then ever before - so that an individual who wants to do what they know they ought to do, can always find sufficient guidance to set them on their path.

In an existential sense, life is not meant to be easy, it never has been easy - it is meant to be about learning some difficult to learn stuff, Difficult - but always possible (that 'always' is Christian faith).

So let us shake-off fear and despair, focus on individuals - those around us, about whom we care - and be tough-minded *and* hopeful.

William Wildblood said...

You could say that a time like this, which is one of great spiritual difficulty, is also one of opportunity for if we do manage to see through the lies, and as Bruce says, there is good information available too nowadays, then we have a chance of building real spiritual insight into our own minds. In previous times when the culture was (more or less) correctly orientated we might have rested content with simply following the outer path. Now we have to seek out truth and make it our own.