Wednesday 28 February 2018

Dishonesty: the most prevalent and unrecognised sin among serious modern Christians

For a Christian, things are pretty simple nowadays.

The demonic nature of the mainstream agenda is clear; there is no Truth in Satan, he is the Father of Lies.

All Christians therefore ought to resist dishonesty wherever and whenever they find it.

Of course, we will fail to do this - sometimes or often; and then we need to repent.

But if you, as a Christian, are not frequently (daily, hourly) repenting your alliance with Satan's agenda of lies; you are in a state of unrepented sin.

Probably, unrepented dishonesty, to the extent of not only failing-to-oppose the mainstream demonic agenda - but actively-helping Satan in his system of lies (with their time, work and resources) - is the single most prevalent and serious sin of our day, amongst Christians.  

Note added: Any serious Christian who has a position of power, influence or status - a professional, managerial, administrative position - just-is deeply complicit in the strategic agenda of demonic dishonesty. And if they are unaware of this fact, then they are dishonestly self-blinded - doubly sinful. Such persons are among those most in need of repentance.

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