Saturday 3 February 2018

The fork in the the road - coming soon (from William Wildblood)

...Today there can be no doubt that we live at a time of great spiritual danger. There are two ways of looking at this. 

One, this is a perfect environment for the destruction of human souls as they are separated from God and led astray by teachings that promote a totally false view of what human beings are. Truths that are real on a spiritual level such as the brotherhood of Man and the oneness of life are distorted and misinterpreted on a material, earthly level where they do not apply or not apply in the same way. Behaviour is regarded as natural merely because it exists in the fallen state. Human stupidity and selfishness combine with demonic interference to bring about a world and a state of consciousness that is ideal for our descent into spiritual darkness and maybe even damnation. 

 But there is another way of looking at things. In this scenario the spiritual powers are conducting a great experiment. Human beings are being opened up and exposed to spiritual forces which can either overwhelm them leading to an increase in egotism and sexual obsession among other things or, if they purify their lower natures, dedicate themselves to Christ and respond to true imagination, take them closer to the living God...

Read the whole thing at Albion Awakening

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