Friday 2 February 2018

To refuse the divine destiny of Direct Christianity is (ultimately) to allow Leftism into your heart

Leftism insinuates where Direct Christianity fails to be chosen. When there is no direct link with Christ, then that is the way-in. This is how Leftism is now everywhere...

Because if all of a Christian's information/ knowledge and influences come at second-hand, in-directly, via institutions, writings, talking and practices... then each and all of these institutions, writings, talking and practices can be (already have been, and will continue to be) corrupted.

Corrupted, that is, by the usual infiltration, subversion and eventual inversion...

Only direct knowing of reality can - even in principle - combat and defeat ever-more-universal corruption.

(There seem to be two basic ways of directly knowing reality - by prayer for external revelation, or by mediation for revelation from God immanent. In practice these need not be distinct, but may be reciprocal, mutually reinforcing, or fuse to a single activity of meditative prayer.)


Chiu ChunLing said...

Well, I think in this case it is necessary to refine what exactly one means by "Leftism".

"Leftism" is an inherited political term referring to seating in certain legislative bodies based on caucusing with parties which challenged the authoritative assertions of the executive, often an inherited position such as a monarch. It has passed into modern parlance as referring to opposition to the fundamental legitimacy of Western Civilization...which is of course based on specifically Christian ideas about the nature of Man, God, and the divine law.

In this sense, of course rejecting a fully devotional spiritual life in seeking God through Christian understandings is Leftism. But not everyone would agree to this particular definition of "Leftism". The term has passed into modern parlance with a variety of other meanings which are only loosely associated with rejection of the Christian foundations of Western Civilization, or which are even irrelevant to either Christianity or the legitimacy of Western Civilization.

Bruce Charlton said...

@CCL - If you want clarification of what I mean by Leftism, and arguments for and defences of this usage, there are eight years of blog posts here, and two books in the sidebar, where you can find it!