Wednesday 14 February 2018

The nature of historical Giants

My speculations are over at Albion Awakening.

An excerpt:

The original inhabitants of the island of Albion - or Merlin's Enclosure, as it was first called, Merlin being the presiding deity - were a race of Giants. Indeed, the name of Albion comes from their king.

When the island was first settled by normal-sized Men (Brutus the Trojan and his followers - great grandson of Aeneas) - it was necessary to defeat resident Giant population. Gogmagog was the most famous of these - apparently a small and weak example of the race. However, a remnant of Giants continued as an occasional menace for a very long time afterwards.

Giants crop-up in many historical, religious, legendary and mythical sources, from all over the world; so there is no good reason to doubt their reality - except that we don't seem to have any nowadays. Much the same applies to the races of elves/ fairies and to dwarves - there is ample evidence for their existence in earlier time; far more evidence than for most supposed facts of history.

But of course, that does not mean that Modern Man would be able to perceive Giants, fairies or dwarfs, even if they were present - since we are self-blinded to much of the primary reality of this world; and furthermore treat as dogmatically-real many things which are imperceptible and undetectable (except by long chains of insecure and labile inferences). 

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Lost Pilgrim said...

My grand parents told me of mythical creatures giants trolls fairies one from one culture one from another. But some were very similar, the cannibal ogress that ate children in Indian stories was a lot like the cannibal witch in the Norwegian stories. Her appearance, manners even being blind or nearly so were uncannily similar.

I've spoken to many adults who believe in little folk to this day and swear to having heard or seen them. One guy even had rocks thrown at him just like elf shot.

My theory is that what people are seeing now with aliens and ufos are the same or a similar phenomenon to fairies and giants. We just don't have the proper framework to see them as they are.