Tuesday 27 February 2018

"Entry drug" evangelism? Don't kid yourself - it doesn't work!

It has been said and it is being said - again and again in a self-congratulatory tone - that it is a good and effective strategy (here and now, in the Western cultures) to meet people half-way inside their secular-prejudices; and address their politically-correct Leftist blindness, nihilism, hedonism, active propagation of evil... with alternative information, arguments and perspectives.

The argument that New Right secularism is a kind of Entry Drug to Christianity.

(Christianity being indispensably what we really need.)

It Doesn't Work - and that is fact, not my opinion.

Rare individual exceptions aside (and these exceptions mean nothing when it comes to strategy - even when you personally are one of the exceptions) this does not work, and we know for sure that it does not work: therefore we should give it up.

We know it doesn't work because a generation of The Internet.

Alternative information, arguments and perspectives are by orders of magnitude more available now than ever before in the history of the world, and yet - look around!

If not, then what?

Uncompromising statements of the reality of things, truthfully, explicitly, as best we understand it.

Nothing less will suffice.

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Michael Dyer said...

The power of Billy Graham, rest in peace.