Friday 2 February 2018

The current targeting-of/ pandering-to young, healthly, bright (=attractive) young women

To be a young, healthy, bright young woman is to be attractive; to have attention and be privileged through life. Quite naturally and intrinsically, such persons live in a different - easier, more enjoyable - world from the majority of people.

To make attractive women regard themselves as a victim group, in need of special protection and privileges, enforced by the state and large institutions, is really quite an achievement!

But why do it?

We are seeing a resurgence of the late-70s early-80s feminism of resentment and victimhood - with an anti-libertarian secular 'backlash' which is pro- the sexual revolution, even as it is anti-sex.

But why?

Well, if allowed to follow their own hopes and inclinations - young, healthy, bright young women would make successful marriages and raise children - since that is the most deeply rewarding life available to most people in most circumstances.

But the evil global Establishment does not want this - is indeed very much against it - precisely because it tends to serve The Good.

Instead, they want these attractive women in the prime of life and with the most envied of prospects - to squander their best chances of Life fulfilment and Goodness; and instead go into careers... in practice mostly middle management officialdom - until they have lost their youth, health and brightness.

Such women don't naturally want to do this - so the evil Establishment have promised them special treatment and protection in the world of jobs - so that they can depend on something akin to the bubble of benefits that naturally accrue to such people in the natural state of things.

So, on the one hand, marriage has been thoroughly infiltrated, subverted and inverted; while families are taught (explicitly, but mostly implicitly) to be an oppression to be avoided, or at least deferred as long as possible.

Thus one of the naturally and intrinsically happiest and most hopeful classes of persons with good prospects of the best in life; are instead brought-into the public life and workplace world of totalitarian surveillance and micro-management - where they are encouraged to regard themselves as the most threatened and victimised of human beings (even, or especially, those who are the most privileged, powerful, beautiful and clever!); and to regard 'men' with slow-burning, chronic, un-assuageable resentment.

(A further plus, currently rampant in Hollywood and the mass media; and a priority for the opinion-formers, which is why this is happening now - is that the imagined/ manufactured oppression of this privileged and increasingly-selfish class of women into self-identification as primarily victims of sexual aggression and patriarchy; effectively distracts from the real and urgent problem in Hollywood and the mass media - which is the systematic and shielded - because Establishment perpetrated - sexual predation on pre-adolescent children. Now that really is evil.)

Note added: The sexual revolution is negative, oppositional - just as evil in general is negative - being directed-against Christian marriage and families. Thus and therefore, the sexual revolution deploys multiple and often self contradictory tactics and rhetorics: because any stick will do to beat Christianity marriage and family. Mid-sixties sexual liberation and free love at one time and place; mid-eighties separatist feminism, same sex attraction, or the obliteration of sexual categories at other times and places. It is all the same strategy of infiltration, subversion, inversion.


Lucinda said...

Something I think is particularly sad is how women who do have marriage and children get so distracted from the good they have and instead buy into the lies about what women 'should' be and want. At least the women who end up without a real marriage and virtually childless aren't ignoring their own husbands and children to chase a lie. From my perspective, it's the women in the viable marriages who cannot pull their gaze from the trendy life for the good of their own husbands and children that is depressing.

But I guess the victim-mentality was already achieved in that group years ago.

Chiu ChunLing said...

It is worth mentioning that, while the danger of being exploited and abused in family life is very real, the danger of far worse and more vicious abuse in a career (especially in Hollywood or any associated popular entertainment oriented field) is far more pervasive and serious.

In this sense, I would say that attractive young women are not merely being dissuaded from family life because it is Good in itself (though of course this is a factor) but to ensure a steady supply of hapless victims for the entrenched power players in the most morally disreputable economic fields.

Bruce Charlton said...

@CCL - The danger of being sexually, or physically, abused in the family is much lower than any other situation - so long as we are talking about *biological* families. Step parents have a rate of severe abusing and murder between 50-100 times higher than natural parents - and most 'family' abuse reported in the media is done by step parents (or casual lovers).