Tuesday 11 February 2020

A threshold crossed and explicit, specific, official, aggressive anti-Christianity emerges in England

The biggest public event arena (11,000 capacity) in my city of Newcastle upon Tyne, under pressure from the leader of the local government heading pressure from the usual suspects, and for the usual (fake, lying) reasons; has forbidden Billy Graham's son Franklin from speaking; has illegally cancelled the booking without compensation. The same has happened at all the other large venues throughout the UK.

This feels like another threshold crossed in the UK - because now the attacks on Christianity have become explicit and specific; there is now a high profile precedent for suppression of all public Christian meetings of any kind and size.

Up until now; the specificity of preventing Christians from gathering and evangelising has been indirect; masquerading as political (not religion) suppression - as being about the promotion of the sexual revolution agenda.

But this is undeniably specifically Christian; because while Christian evangelism is crushed to uniform approval from The Establishment and its mouthpieces; other religious that advocate (from the secular perspective) exactly the same sexual morality - Judaism, Islam, Sikhism etc - are by contrast publicly celebrated, government/ charity/ educational institution subsidised.

There are many officially propagandised and paid-for mass celebrations, festivals and consciousness-raising events in favour of these other religions.

The contrast between Christianity and the others - suppression versus promotion - could scarcely be starker! (To forbid Billy Graham's ministry; in England - for Heaven's sake!) The continued hypocrisy of denying this fact could scarcely be clearer.

So officially-sancioned and officially-led and Establishment-supported anti-Christianity is here to see, for everybody with eyes to see.

The question now becomes whether one actually has eyes?... And clearly not many Britons do.


David Earle said...

Their direct attacks on Christianity will be under the guise of targeting "anti-abortion groups" which sounds more appealing and justifiable to the masses.

Karl said...

Anti-Christianity is obvious to my eyes. Maybe others aren't seeing it, but I get the impression that most do see it and approve.

Anti-Christianity happens because there are a lot of Anti-Christians.

dearieme said...

You Christians will of course have to forgive the bastards. We atheists, by contrast, can cheerfully suggest that some harsh treatment would be in order. Maybe we should learn from the Greeks: ostracism for a decade sounds about right.

Wm Jas Tychonievich said...

Islanti, apparently it's not the anti-abortion angle this time; Mr. Graham's crime is believing that homosexual behavior is a sin -- which, as everyone knows, is hatethink.

(Orwell was slightly off in his linguistic prognostications; "hate" rather than "crime" turns out to have become the pejorative prefix of choice. It's a superior word for the purpose, actually, being much easier to bellyfeel than "crime." Orwell's other big prophetic misstep was getting the goodsex/sexcrime distinction backwards. Just imagine our totalitarian overlords thinking of procreation os "good"!)

Jacob Gittes said...

Question: are there not actual Christians left in England? If so, why do they not apply pressure and impose consequences on anti-Christian leaders and politicians and businesses? Do Christians have no agency at all? Even in the lying MSM, I see examples of Muslims applying pressure when the school system tries to propagandize their children with homosexuality. Is it really too much for for Christians to awaken from their stupor and take the smallest steps to organize in their own defense?

Bruce Charlton said...

@Jake - The thing is, Christians in England are a *real* persecuted minority - as opposed to the fake kind: the systematically privileged, differentially promoted, powerful or protected, approved groups that the Left pretends are 'persecuted minorities'.

When you really are a small minority, and really are persecuted - then your situation is precarious; and making a fuss, drawing attention to oneself, is genuinely dangerous because you lack power and most people (including those in power) hate you. If you aren't careful, or are unlucky, you will bring down serious trouble on yourself.

For the few hundred thousand real Christians in England to 'organise in defense' would be interpreted as if it was a terroristic attack, an attempted coup; and would provide the perfect excuse needed to crush them.

Those with power will Not apply protective laws, and will impose differentially over-inclusive aggressive laws; they will apply double standards to your disadvantage all the time - and the majority applaud this, or at least not be bothered by it.

Bruce Charlton said...

@Wm - The Hate Crime legislation coming from the EU 'Human Rights' was an important factor in what goes on like this, because it is incoherent legal nonsense - impossible to implement in an honest and rigorous fashion (and, of course, that is never attempted and was never evisaged) but (in a world of people incapable of consecutive reasoning) it provides a blanket cover of pseudo legalism and fake morality for all this kind of stuff. Such is the nature of totalitarianism.

Jacob Gittes said...

Bruce: I see. Then it is quite a bit worse than it is here in the USA. Egad.
I don't know what to say.

Thomas Hanna said...

A lamentable benchmark to be sure, as was Charles denunciation of the coronation oath (to be the defender of the faith).
England has given true Christianity such wonderful authors and works that endure such as E.W. Bullinger (The Companion Bible), Dr. Strong (Strong's Exhaustive Concordance), Dr. Smith (Smith's Bible Dictionary), C.R. Dickey (One Man's Destiny) and, of course, C.S. Lewis. There are so many others deserving of mention. One of my favorites is William Blake's Glastonbury Hymn which transcend the bounds of the organized church teachings.
It is, rather, a badge of honor to be so attacked by the forces of evil. As a friend once said , "it is good to be despised by the despicable".

Bruce Charlton said...

@Thomas - I personally am pretty sure that the Queen and (especially0 'Royal Family' are on the Other Side. Certainly, she has done nothing substantive, has never exerted her constitutional powers, in any defense of Christianity - despite many times when she should have done so, had she been genuinely a Christian monarch, as-it-were anointed by God.

"it is good to be despised by the despicable". Very good. A useful slogan to bear in mind.