Saturday 22 February 2020

How (not) to argue with global warmists

Mainly - you can’t argue this one, not in the way you think (by proving that the claims are false).

Firstly, because it's about (anti-)morality, ingroup outgroup, us and them stuff – so there is no real arguing.

But mainly because it is a false claim to knowledge. Nobody knows anything about this stuff ! Nobody knows If the climate is warming, because there is no validated understanding of what causes climate. Also because a large majority of the data is contaminated with dishonesty – we cannot trust ‘the science’.

(Indeed, science is all-but dead – in the sense that science existed until a generation or two ago. The ‘evidence’ nowadays comes from research bureaucrats and entrepreneurs who are motivated by careerism; not truth seeking and truth speaking.)

Even If (which is not known) there Is a long term trend of getting warmer – that is in the past, not predictive of the future: nobody knows whether such trends continue, or plateau or reverse … nobody knows.

Even If ‘They’ did know that the climate was going to get warmer in the future, and If they knew it was mostly due to CO2 (which obviously it isn’t) then this may well be a Good Thing For The World overall – indeed it probably is (given that our real problem on earth is ice ages).

Even If it was getting warmer, due to CO2 and that was proven to be A Bad Thing; ‘They’ have No Idea At All if this can be prevented, or how it might be prevented. (James 'Gaia' Lovelock said it is already way too late to prevent it.)

So if they really believed this stuff, they would Prepare For Global Warming, not waste trillions on a futile attempt to stop it.

Even if CO2 caused global warming was true and preventable by cutting down CO2 – then this is not going to happen with proposed policies because they are all about creating a multi-trillion dollar industry of fake ‘sustainable’ technologies (liek wind turbines and hybrid/ electric cars) that do Not reduce CO2 and instead increase it; not least because they require five yearly cycles of re-tooling and infrastructure replacement.

Put it together and look at who is funding and pushing the Climate Emergency/ Extinction Rebellion (the richest and most powerful people and organisations) and it is obvious that this is about funding (with compulsory and subsidised ‘sustainable’ technologies) a totalitarian takeover (totality being justified by the fact that CO2 is the gas of life, and thus every living thing needs regulating).

So, in discussion, I would just reframe the whole thing in terms of being the dishonest product of evil motivation: an excuse for the rich and powerful to fund and implement global totalitarianism.


Adil said...

In Sweden and the Nordic countries we have an unusual situation: a lots of snow in the North (Lapland) but nothing in the rest of the country. Here in the Stockholm area it's like early spring basically. Common sense tells me that this has to to with local warming (coming from the big cities) rather than apocalyptic climate change. But a lot of people seem to struggle understanding the difference.

Bruce Charlton said...

@Eric - Yep, They have destroyed our natural enjoyment of a mild winter and early spring, making us regard them with fear.

Dave said...

So far, global warming has been most pronounced at the poles and nonexistent at the equator. A win-win. If this is causing sea level rise, it's happening very slowly, giving us plenty of time to relocate.

The Progressive religion is incompatible with basic facts of human reproduction, causing a massive baby bust. As they age, Progressives must convince themselves that they chose not to have children, and that it was the right choice because the Earth is about to die in a fiery climate apocalypse.

Fanatics are immune to argument, so the general solution is to let nature take its course. Vegans die of malnutrition, AIDS-deniers die of AIDS, and Progressives get stabbed in the streets or pillowed in nursing homes by their beloved diversity.

a_probst said...

Without a 'control-Earth' or two on which the industrial revolution never takes place, it's hard to know whether or how much of the change is anthropogenic.

The original mission of the environmental movement, the prevention and removal of air and water pollutants, the preservation of forests, and protection of endangered species, may suffer from misdirected energies and resources.

Bruce Charlton said...

@Dave - I'm not ultimately concerned with such matters - or, at least, I try not to be; the significance of the Climate Fraud is that it is now a major weapon of the demonic side in the spiritual war. It is a path to totalitarianism, the intent of which is mind control, the intent of which is to induce more and more people to reject God, more and more deeply.

Bruce Charlton said...

@a-p. "may suffer from misdirected energies and resources" That's putting it mildly! As someone who has followed the environmental movement for more than 45 years (initially from the inside) it has been gutted, abstractified and redirected 179 degrees to the needs of Global Power:

Moonsphere said...

The millions of climate alarmists are the mass casualties of this demonic takeover. They have become unwitting foot soldiers - useful idiots.

Those who lead the movement - are fully-fledged Satanists.

Bruce Charlton said...

@M - Agreed. Although (since there is no stasis) the useful idiots are on a path to active (Satanic) evil - and one can sometimes perceive this happening.

Dave said...

Yes, Progressives are always looking for new ways to separate people from God, but they also separate people from fertility. They will soon run out of other people's children to brainwash and go the way of the Shakers.

Bruce Charlton said...

@Dave, sadly this isn't happening in the West. "They" can corrupt the children of the Western religious away from God, faster than the religious are having children - possibly excepting among those religious groups who are (pretty much) cut-off from mainstream modernity (e.g. Amish, Ultra-Orthodox Jews - if they count as Western).

But I suspect this may be due partly to the innate nature of the people being incarnated in our era and time: they are extraordinarily resistant to knowing God.