Friday 1 May 2020

A stressed system, chronically seeded with incompetence, dishonesty and corruption

That's how I see the world - The System, 'The Economy' as people tend, reductionalistically, to term it. It is all one, global, densely-interconnected bureaucracy. And for the past fifty years the personnel, the functionaries - and their aims, have been systematically degraded in quality.

That is the consequence of 'affirmative action'/ 'social justice' - of appointing and promoting people on the basis of identity rather than functional capability. There is a crisis of no leadership exacerbated by a crisis of collapsing expertise.

It is the consequence of enforced dishonesty, by the takeover of functionality by generic management, the use of quality assurance auditing methods, by rewarding hype/ spin/ deniable lies - and punishing honesty. When a system is riddled with dishonesty, 'information' is not reliable nor valid: all communication becomes useless - and is treated as mere 'rhetoric' or propaganda - hence real world capability collapses.

It is the consequence of enabling (and failing to detect/ adequately punish) corruption in all systems: from postal voting in elections; through non-examination evaluations in the education system; incoherent 'hate crime' and racial laws in the legal system; a system of targets, procedures and evidence-based medicine in health services... When a functional system is invaded by short-termist selfishness among its components, it soon ceases to be functional.

(On top of this is the decline in innate (genetic) human genetic quality - both within all nations and across the world; which has led to the progressive decline of intelligence, the cumulative degeneration of personality and sexuality, and the near extinction of that individual creative genius which bailed humanity out from so many crises in the past.)

None of this has happened by accident - but all the above have been explicit and strategic policies, that are regarded as necessary and good by a large majority of those with power, status and influence. The official explanations for these policies (the reasons given) have, of course, been different - but the increase in dishonesty means that such explanations need not be (and are not) coherent.

Thus, as a simple example, it is denied that systematically recruiting people of a lower educational ability (lower intelligence, less conscientious personality, lower standard in exams)  - because of their sex or race - has any deleterious effect on average educational outcomes.

Quite the opposite: it is claimed that recruiting educationally worse people - of the preferred races and sex - leads to better educational outcomes. And the reality gap is simply bridged by lying or changing the subject - to make outcomes be about politics instead of education; all fuelled by the decreased competence consequent upon these policies.

The Global Establishment have been, for the past weeks, piling-up the stresses on this already-degraded System with incremental stresses - new ones are unveiled every few days.

The 'capital', surplus, reserves are being used-up (e.g. of food, buildings, working technology and equipment); and there is grossly insufficient repair, no replacement, and no innovation.

This has already continued for many weeks; and there is no sign of easing. We should therefore assume that The System is going-down, inevitably - sooner or later on a timescale of months at most.

Is this a good or bad thing? In the short term it will be a bad thing in terms of suffering and deaths. Overall, deaths are already rising and accelerating - as a consequence of our System-destroying reaction to the birdemic, not the birdemic itself.

Health Services are self-crippled in the UK, with very little needful health care; and the inevitable outcome is a huge increase in illness, disability, and fatal diseases - as well as the deaths already recorded. But - in a world of lies - these 'excess' deaths are blamed on the virus, and lead to ever-more of the System-smashing that caused them.

In other words, the birdemic response is a deniable way of deliberately killing people - although I don't regard this as the primary purpose.

But, my point is that such behaviour on the part of The Establishment seems to fit with the plan and pattern of System-degradation over some fifty years. The longer that lockdownsocialdistncing goes-on, the more rapid and irreversible will become the collapse.

Why are They doing this? It could either be as an intended Global reboot; or for the sake of destruction, death and suffering.

The New World Order, or Global Chaos?

The ultimate aim (since They are demonically guided) is the damnation of Men's souls - but there are various theories as to how this may best be achieved, and it is unlikely that They all agree exactly on which ought to be the strategy.

It is possible that some of Them want Order, while others want Chaos.

And, while extremely intelligent (They are certainly out-thinking the self-blinded Western elites - as well as the Western masses! - running rings around them!); evil is intrinsically limited in its understanding (as Tolkien shows in Lord of the Rings).

The limitation of evil is especially about motivation. Characteristically, evil cannot 'model' genuinely good motivations; because it 'projects' its own selfish and short-termist motivations onto others.

Evil beings (to the extent they are evil) know how evil would respond to a situation; but cannot predict how good would respond.  Genuinely good responses and primary thinking - i.e. behaviours that are not 'responses', outputs arising originally and not caused-by inputs - are unforeseen and cannot be understood, so cannot be included in their strategies.

Good motivations are therefore invisible to Them; and if or when good motivations are actually important in a situation, then the plans and schemes of evil may fail: and a good outcome may eventuate.



David Earle said...

Do you think they intended to scare people so much that by now they would be BEGGING for a vaccine? If so, I think they failed in that. Everybody I talked to said they wouldn't take a vaccine and that seems to be the general attitude on social media.

Bruce Charlton said...

@islanti - My impression is that - if massvax had been the original intent - They have left it rather too late, and continued the destruction (of a severely weakened system) for too long; so this was either an error or a change of plan for some reason. It would now be extremely logistically difficult to do it - plus the ofther stuff. But this is just inference from observation; I don't have any specifci knowledge of the deep aspects of teh plan (just of the ultimate goal - which is obvious to any Christian).

Luke said...

Sometimes, whenever I get too upset with the way the world is, I remember that at least I live in a time where Tolkien has written the Lord of the Rings.

Bruce Charlton said...

@Luke - My Tolkien library has been getting increasing use over the past weeks! Today I am reading the 'Marring of Men' from Morgoth's Ring (Volume 10 of History of Middle Earth)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this encouraging insight. It reminds me of the New Testament account of Herod's intention to slaughter all the newborns during Jesus' birth, and how God sent a dream to Joseph to flee to Egypt and hide the holy family there for a time. I'd always wondered how they could slip so easily under Herod's nose but it makes sense when we consider how evil cannot see the intentions of God who is Wisdom, Truth, and Good.

2 Kings 6:16-18 came to my mind as well:

"Elisha said, 'Don't be afraid, for those who are with us outnumber those who are with them.'

"Then Elisha prayed, "LORD, please open his eyes and let him see." So the LORD opened the servant's eyes, and he saw that the mountain was covered with horses and chariots of fire all around Elisha.

"When the Arameans came against him, Elisha prayed to the LORD, "Please strike this nation with blindness." So he struck them with blindness, according to Elisha's word."

The chariots and horses of fire are a very powerful evocative image of God's hidden power.


Francis Berger said...

Spot on, in all areas, but I particularly like the last paragraph, which really made a connection for me.

It's true, evil does not see or understand good motivations. Even if evil senses it, it can't 'make sense' of good motivations. I suspect evil begins to look for angles: "What is this and what's driving it? Fear? Hatred? Envy? Lust?"

And that's about as far it goes.