Monday 11 May 2020

The core objective of this birdemic is total destruction of human society

It has now become apparent that the primary reason for the fake response to the fake birdemic is to impose social-distancing: that is, to isolate individual people from each other, forever.

As the lockdown is 'eased' in the UK (gee thanks!), the SD 'laws' (currently a separation of at least two metres apart) are actually being reinforced; including fines that start with 100 pounds and double for repeated 'convictions' up to 3,200 pounds.

Given that the birdemic is now proven trivial, and SD is (scientifically speaking) just a new, untested, controversial and implausible hypothesis for spreading-out the impact of a trivial problem; it is clear that the global imposition of social distancing is itself the prime objective of the recent totalitarian takeover.

Why? Why have They (the Global Establishment) atomised the entire human species in this way?

Obviously, because SD does things that They want to do. What are these things?

From a purely biological perspective, Man is a social animal - thus SD negates our basic animal nature.

From a psychiatric perspective, the damage from social isolation is clear and extreme - as jailers and torturers have long known.

From an economic perspective, SD renders impossible urgent and vital production, service and trade; thus makes it impossible to sustain the world population.

From the perspective of education, police and military, sports and tourism, religion, the arts, sciences, health care... these and other social functions are de facto destroyed by SD.

1. In sum - human society as such is being annihilated by social distancing. 

2. And SD is exactly the policy They are doubling-down on.

3. Therefore the annihilation of human society is the core objective of the birdemic.

So, now we know...


Adil said...

This is my gut feeling as well. But beware of the Borgs, they have invested a lot of pride in their statistical expertise so they can "interpret" the obvious for the ignorant, innumerate masses. Our human experience of the situation at hand doesn't "count".

William Wildblood said...

I find the masks worse than the social distancing. To hide one's face is the most de-humanising thing. Luckily there are not too many about at the moment and they are not obligatory but who knows how things might develop? It's often just a matter of getting people used to the first step and then the next one follows.

I do think we must be careful not to become alarmist but at the same time we must, as the new slogan has it, stay alert!

Hari Seldon said...

I shopped at Whole Foods (an upscale US grocery store owned by Amazon) the other day. This involved:

1) Waiting on a long queue outside, with customers spaced out at socially responsible intervals according to marking tape on the ground;

2) Donning a face mask (the greeter at the door jumped in front of me and wordlessly pointed at her own mask to indicate that I should wear mine);

3) An atmosphere of crisis and hostility inside the store, with everyone wearing masks and attempting to keep their distance from each other;

4) Paying by credit card, as all of the checkout aisles had signs indicating that cash was not accepted.

Overall, a horrendous experience that I hope not to repeat. It occurs to me that the purpose of these restrictions may be to make the in-person shopping experience so intolerable that people simply give up and order all their necessities online.

Ingemar said...

It almost sounds as though the UK is planning for the upcoming fines to replace lost tax revenue.

Jacob Gittes said...

I also shopped at Whole Foods a few days ago, as I made the 300 mile jaunt to the big city for business.

There was an employee at the door with a face-mask ready for me. I refused. I told her I was sort of claustrophobic, and had trouble breathing with a mask on. In other words, I lied. But the system is now one big lie, and lying in order to not lose my humanity seemed moral to me. And it was.

The shoppers and employees in the store were worse than anyplace I've been to. The Whole Foods demographic buy it all: every last lie and piece of propaganda. You're right - it was a horrendous experience, but quite enlightening.

Matthew T said...

"I find the masks worse than the social distancing"

And for my part, I find the line-ups (as Hari describes) the most dehumanizing. On my way home every day I pass by folks queuing for the Post Office; I've never in my life seen such a wretched Soviet-looking spectacle.

Jacob Gittes said...

The current (but hopefully not for long) mayor of my town said this at the last city council meeting, explaining his vote to oppose lifting business restrictions:

"Mayor X said his concern lies more in that customers will gather and converse with each other and staff while waiting at counters for food or other items to be picked up."

In other words, the mayor really really doesn't want customers gathering and conversing, and doing normal human social things.

Disgusting and evil.

Andrew said...

The media has been going haywire with using the birdemic to push every nutty utopian pipe-dream as going to happen now. Sure, they succeeded in basically implementing a one-world-government with everyone not-working, the government printing money, and stupid totalitarian laws & obedience... (and the soon-to-be-implemented and promised Global ID, Global Tracking, Global Mass Vaccinations, etc.)

A utopian progressive meme is that we can live-forever if our brains are uploaded to computers - because we're basically animals and our brains are just really good biological computers. Basically we're all "artificial intelligence" programs.

Now this is obviously not-happening, but I wonder if this is the soft implementation of that idea. Instead of "live forever" we're promised simply "not die" from birdemic, but only if we accept a completely artificial environment with carefully controlled inputs, outputs, no direct interaction, etc. This trend was already pretty heavy - that people can't simply be born and exist as is - but need a carefully controlled artificial birth environment, a scientific growing schedule of vaccines (otherwise surely all children will die from every horrible disease immediately), with monthly "experts" checking up, etc. - and sure it has reduced mortality - but that is the same promise here. Anything & everything to reduce mortality.

Otto said...

Also don't forget that social distancing disallows voting in person (because too crowded) and so makes mandatory voting-by-mail a necessity, which They are already planning to implement in order to be able to steal all future elections indefinitely using voting fraud, so They can stay in power indefinitely.

Sean Fowler said...

I’m here in Sweden and people are generally going about their daily lives normally. From here, what you guys are describing sounds like something from a dystopian future sci-fi novel. Almost too surreal to be true.
How in the world did sweden of all places, up until now, the absolute pinnacle of PC insanity, become one of the last bastions of sanity left on the planet? That more than anything defies belief.
Perhaps the powers that shouldn’t be are protecting their socialist/communist, multicultural, post industrial utopia from the ravages of economic disaster, as an example of the perfect society, for the rest of the world?

Sean Fowler said...

Or have they already destroyed Swedish society by turning it into an atomized abstraction, that doesn’t really exist?

Bruce Charlton said...

@Sean - I'm glad to hear a direct confirmation; because I did not trust what the media was saying. It is a bit of a puzzle, I don't have any theory.

Anonymous said...

And yet, "police and military" are (at least selectively) clearly exempted from this - violating SD to intimidate or arrest, e.g., family members playing in an otherwise empty public park, or sunning quite alone on a public beach, or in a church parking lot listening to the service in a closed automobile - closed until the police force them to expose themselves to who-knows-what police-spread viral loads.

And some masks are more equal than others, as I learned from a 29 April report about the Norwich suburb of Hellesdon, where a Police spokesman said, "Officers have been made aware of an individual who was seen walking around the Hellesdon area wearing a plague outfit[...] Although no offences have been committed at this time, officers are keen to trace the individual in order to provide words of advice about the implications of his actions on the local community. Should any further information come forward about any offences being committed, we will act accordingly."

I don't fancy being compelled to wear the two-sided microbe-load concentrator, but wonder in what if any circumstances one might legally wear something like 'the minister's black veil' in Hawthorne's story of that title, or the dress of a pleurant voilé as depicted on various Mediaeval and Early Modern monuments, or, indeed, a 'plague mask'.* (But perhaps the laws in various countries only allowing the police, et comparabiles, to wear, e.g., the sort of balaclavas which cover all but eyes (and mouth), will be the more strictly enforced.)

David Llewellyn Dodds

*I wonder if this early Paul Verhoeven-Rutger Hauer collaboration provided my first impression of a plague mask (from 17:37, & esp. from 19:47)? - I'm surprised its viewing numbers have not now exceeded those of most episodes: