Wednesday 12 January 2022

Cosmic effects of Jesus Christ and the establishment of Heaven

What was the effect of Jesus Christ on subsequent reality - his 'cosmic' effect on the world?

One way of thinking about this is that Jesus established Heaven (mad it happen) - by enabling resurrection to eternal life; and to examine the effect of Heaven on the totality of things. 

A consequence was that Heaven became a possibility for all Men. This potentially affects the life of every Man - but only if the possibility of Heaven is believed.

Once established, Heaven became inhabited by (more and more) ex-mortal Men. If we assume that those in Heaven are not cut-off from mortal Men; then there is a new potential for contact between the living and 'the dead' - between mortal and immortal Men. 

Furthermore, when Jesus ascended to Heaven, this made possible the Holy Ghost - to comfort and guide all Men. From that point, no Man (wherever, at whatever time) would ever need to be alone or cut adrift from the divine.

But Heaven also had a effect on the purposive powers of evil: on Satan, the demons and their servants and slaves among mortal Men. Because heaven represents an eternal and indestructible reminder of the ultimate defeat of evil - by those who desire its defeat. 

Heaven is an eternal escape from evil, a place without evil - so whatever may happen elsewhere, evil can never triumph fully or finally. 

This means that the motivation of beings of purposive evil can only be: 

1. For themselves, a continual and recurrent hardening of their will to reject Heaven - the continual and unending justification of this rejection and the seeking of c one after another temporary compensations. 

2. Externally - to manipulate other beings to reject the eternal offer of Heaven, and to do so fully and finally. This by asserting the attractions of sin; such that sin becomes the core focus of life, and the elimination of sin a thing to be avoided at any cost. 

The last point I will mention is that after Heaven came into existence, then Men could potentially have glimpses of Heaven - and if they then came to desire Heaven for themselves, then this desire might permeate their mortal lives. 



Francis Berger said...

Thanks for this. The whole post resonates with me, and I am increasingly drawn to what you have described in the final paragraph. I often find myself yearning for those glimpses, but I rarely register them in real time if and when they do occur. More often than not, I only became aware of a potential/possible glimpse in hindsight after some reflection and contemplation. These glimpses - if they are indeed glimpses - are very subtle experiences for me.

Bruce Charlton said...

@Frank - You seem to me to have described glimpses on your blog, sometimes.