Friday 28 January 2022

Daddy, what did You do in the Great Reset?

Daddy, what did you do in the Great Reset? 

I believed and obeyed the authorities.

Of course, the famous poster was manipulating the men of a century ago to do exactly this: obey the authorities.

But then obedience was rooted the (since inverted) assumption that patriotism was eternally A Good Thing.

Plus the mistaken prediction that most men would continue become fathers in stable marriages, with children... 

Yet the biggest difference between then and now is the implicit expectation of a qualitatively-similar social future based on stable and true Christian values; whereby the present might hold previous generations to account.

A world in which 'the authorities' were (broadly) regarded as (overall) guardians of these long-term Christian values.

A hundred years down-the-line; the authorities explicitly and actively subvert and oppose all traditional Christian values; with the consequence that mass obedience has all the coherence of a weather vane in a tornado. 

The only calling-to-account is today's here-and-now; as evanescent as the spring fashion collection -- different from last week and in full expectation of something different the day after tomorrow. 

The media - under orders from global bureaucracy - have replaced the churches; the churches are assimilated to the global bureaucracy. 

Christian values are found in the individual and discerning human heart - or nowhere. 

In the Great Reset all institutions and organizations are corrupt - and engaged in an agenda of mass damnation by denial of the spiritual with enforcement, monitoring and total control of the material. 

"Accountability" is now a managerial concept: the subordinate's enforced servility towards hierarchical superiors: the system of omni-surveillance: the sanctions and bribes that compel obedience.

These encompass the family; have brainwashed, mutilated and intimidated the children into System-dependent informants.  

So the crucial question: What did You do in the Great Reset? is being-asked only by the Holy Ghost - or (if it can get through to consciousness) divine conscience from within our true self.

We are now answerable directly to God, unmediated by other Men; or else we are not answerable.

Our hope is in Heaven, or there is no hope.

Our only possible strength of faith is personal salvation and resurrection by Jesus Christ. 

Genuine love of fellow-Men is now possible only to those who first love God

The alternative is submission to purposive evil - however we might choose to label it... 

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