Monday 31 January 2022

Wise words from Weka

Where I disagree with the Orthodox, Catholic and Reformed hardcore apologists is they start arguing too much for their model of theology. All our models of theology are approximations of truth, for we are not wise enough or have the cognitive capacity to fully comprehend the mind of God. The Gospel can be explained and should be explained to children. As they come to Jesus, so should we. 

Our models of God can get in the way. I suggest that no church is perfect — and I read enough Orthodox laymen to know that none of them have that delusion. The question now is not what the formal theology of the church says, but what the informal theology does. The error is not that no churches have the full truth: the error is that many churches now preach frank error, for they are bowing to the spirit of this age...

This is why I quote from any man or woman who seeks God and blogs and speaks wisdom. We need to back each other. The spirit of the world hates us all. A fair amount of our denominational disputation is because we are not mature and we are picking fights. 

I would rather pray for revival, and rejoice if it comes through a group who make me extremely uncomfortable, rather than there be no revival at all. For it is not Paul or Apollos who bring the growth, but God. 

Hear, hear! and Well said! 


Lady Mermaid said...

To be honest, I get outright bored when denominational disputes arise online. Its fashionable to blame certain opposing denominations as the reason the world is in its current state and all would be well if everyone would just convert to the right church. I'm a low church Protestant who happens to admire a lot of the medieval Christian world. Perhaps this makes me a contradiction. Abstract theological debates seem so tedious and are akin to rearranging the chairs on the Titanic in today's spiritual climate.

The majority of organized churches have decided that public health is their real god. Perhaps God is allowing this to happen so we will stop relying on simply going to the right church. Many Christians have prayed for unity in the Body of Christ. It may be that this unity will come through the falling away of old structures.

Bruce Charlton said...

@GF - "Ecumenism" is the *opposite* of what Weka and I mean. If you don't understand that - then you are just having a private argument with straw men.

@LM - "The majority of organized churches have decided that public health is their real god."

Yes, and 'public health' turns out to be merely a branch of the state bureaucracy - with nothing At All to do with actual health in the real world, and everything to do with lying and manipulation.

So when churches adopt Public Health as primary, we lose both Christianity and Health -- as always happens whenever secondary things are put above First Things - First Things must come first or both are lost: