Thursday 6 January 2022

"Follow The Science!" = Obey "the science" when science = global bureaucracy; and bureaucracy = totalitarian evil

The phrase "Follow The Science" was hardly recorded and very seldom used until April of 2020; yet now there are more that 30 million results recorded on Google. 

FTS has - almost instantly - become a new morality: the primary principle of right-living. 

Indeed, Follow The Science has become an absolute moral commandment; sustained by all official and media sources, enforced by the whole apparatus of propaganda, law and corporate regulation.

The first thing that is apparent is therefore that "follow" here means obey.  

Follow The Science means that we ought to obey "the science" - and means that we will indeed be compelled to obey The Science. And this compulsion extends across many major nations, all institutions, and all kinds of organizations (including all corporations, workplaces and churches). 

Whatever is meant by The Science is clearly regarded as of absolute importance; since the obvious intent is that everybody in the world is (sooner or later) going to be coerced to do it.   

So what is this "Science" which we are all exhorted to "follow"? Since follow-the-science is a new dominant guiding concept - and what Science means seems to be disputed in some circles - it would seem to require elucidation. 

We can immediately see that something-called-science became globally dominant in early 2020: what could this "something" actually be in the 30-million-plus usages? What was the international context that changed between March and April of 2020?  

There is the answer. That period saw the completion of a global coup under cover of the birdemic; by which the nations, and all major social institutions - including all major religions and their churches - became united by a single, hierarchical and linked, System.  

This global System naturally included the "activity formerly known as science" - in other words; the new System monitored and controlled all bureaucracy - including the bureaucracy of professional, funded, high-status and institutionally-based research

In my 2012 book Not Even Trying I described how real science - an activity self-regulated by the desire to speak truth and an absolute requirement to speak truth; had been incrementally but by them fully-replaced among professional researchers, by a type of generic bureaucracy that insistently-called-itself "science" but was untruthful

Before 2012; real science was dead. So the self-styled "science" that had replaced real science was not itself real... so what was it?  

The new not-real science was (just) a bureaucracy - with all the generic features. 

Self-styled Science was not merely real science that had become bureaucrat-ic; instead ,what we had was just-a-bureaucracy. An system that used some of the language, rituals and forms of real science - but was by intent and at root: just-a-bureaucracy.   

The new 'fake' bureaucracy-that-called-itself-science was indeed Not Even Trying to seek or to-speak truth. The new not-real fake-science was instead ruled by... well, whatever ideology dominantly ruled the larger bureaucracy at any particular time. 

So, early 2020 marked the advent of a global and essentially-complete totalitarian bureaucracy, that included the sub-bureaucracy which had replaced the activity that used-to-be real science. 


Follow The Science means nothing other than Obey The Global Bureaucracy

But is this a bad thing? 

And also because the bureaucracy is now global, and includes all institutions - i.e. it is totalitarian: and totalitarianism is necessarily and intrinsically evil

Therefore Follow The Science simply means Obey Totalitarian Evil. 

Simple; isn't it? 

Important things usually are simple... Simple to understand, but difficult to live-by. 

From your point-of-view and  mine; Follow The Science means simply Obey Evil - and all that we need to decide is whether or not to obey evil

And 'whether or not to obey evil' will depend on which side we are on in the spiritual war: the side of Good which is God; or else the side of evil which is Satan. 

(These are the only sides.)


Jack said...

The word Science is one I've come to hate, which is a shame because old fashioned science, as practised by lone geniuses and enthusiasts in their private laboratories, was a marvellous thing for a time. But its institutionalisation, bureaucraticisation, has turned it into a monster, a pseudo-religion, an anti-Church. The epistemological arrogance that contemporary Science tests on and infects people with is appalling, worse than the worst parts of the medieval Church. Our "elected representatives" have sold us out to the globalist oligarchs first and foremost because they believe The Science is a far higher authority than the old democratic mandate of The People. And why not? The media, the schools and universities, and the whole culture is awash with Science-worship far more avid than any People-worship (now being denounced as Populism). In my school days, I was implicitly taught to honour Science far more than the People.

For ages I've been getting round to reading Francis Bacon's The New Atlantis. That seems to be the earliest and greatest blueprint for the modern world and the New World Order, a prophetic book that looks to have occult inspiration.

Bruce Charlton said...

@Jack - yes, The science is a skin suit made from real science; and as such, a loathsome zombie.

A piece I once published about the 'zombie science' of 'evidence based-medicine' (a managerialization of medical research that later formed the basis for the birdemic-peck agenda) was en route to my belated realization that All 'The Science' was in fact zombie:

Todd said...

Dr. Charlton:

The Science(tm), methinks, is non-too-pleased at your heretical take. Be wary of not currying favor with our The Science. The Science does not take kindly to subversive ideas about freedom of inquiry, or the love of truth for its own sake. The Science knows what is best, and The Science knows that allowing individuals to think freely will only lead to pain and suffering and mistakes.
If you aren't careful, it is possible that you will never work again in the halls of The Science.

Bruce Charlton said...

Todd - The Science already 'canceled' me, back in 2010!

Hari Seldon said...

And if any actual scientists dissent from the public narrative, they are obviously anti-"Science" and must therefore be silenced and canceled.

Bruce Charlton said...

@HS - Anyone who does not dissent from the public narrative is not a scientist. But not many of those who do dissent from the public narrative are scientists.

Scientists are rare!