Friday 21 January 2022

The choice is all or nothing - no nuance is possible

It is understandable but grossly mistaken to want to take a reforming, rather than rejecting, view when it comes to the dominant evil ideologies of our world - such as the litmus test issues. After all, these are all cunning misrepresentations such that 'good intentions', bits of truth, are woven into the Big Lies. 

The usual idea is to keep the good and reject the extremism of evil; 'not to throw the baby out with the bathwater'. 

But this will not do - not when an evil lie has been elaborated and permeated the entirety of social institutions. 

If we are not to be destroyed spiritually and physically, by the birdemic, antiracism, climate change and the sexual revolution (for instance) then hey must be denied and extirpated from our hearts

There can be no moderation in this, because these are evil by intent, and used to justify and implement evil on an unprecedented scale and degree - I mean the top-down and global evil that reaches the extreme of actual inversion of values: inversion of truth, beauty and virtue. 

These must explicitly be repented and eradicated. 

And the same applies to the social institutions that have become corrupted and inverted - to the institutions of science, law, religion, medicine, the arts, the police and military etc. These institutions are beyond reform, and are weaponized for evil - therefore the is simply no alternative to their removal and substitution as a definite goal.

I do not for a moment suppose that this will happen! But if it does not, then even when these systemic evils are rolled-back; they will simply regrow - and very rapidly too. Each evil sustains and rationalizes  the others - so that and restraint or reform will simply be bypassed. 

The world is an a much worse situation than is recognized, even by Christians. Minuscule triumphs are seen as harbingers of victory - yet again and again they turn out to be utterly insignificant - like Brexit or Trump, or the current feeble stirrings of resistance to the birdemic-peck agenda, and tiny retreats. 

Of course, I am pleased to see any resistance, and pleased with any easing of the totalitarian iron prison - but it is ridiculous to imagine that these are anything but temporary and localized blips in the unrolling global agenda of evil - unless there is a much greater, more decisive, and more complete clarity of understanding coming around the corner. 


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Kathleen said...

Baby steps. Every small win for God adds up.