Tuesday 11 January 2022

Charities are evil!

It is supposed to be an innately Good Thing to give money (or time and labour) To Charity - but no activity is intrinsically Good - and in a totalitarian evil world all charities are conformed to that evil. 

I used to keep searching around for a charity that was not operating in net-support of the global agenda of evil. I sometimes thought I had found one or a few. But over the years all of these have serially been revealed as merely less-evil than average - yet qualitatively still motivated by the prevalent evil motivations; for example as revealed by the 2020 Litmus Tests

This ought not to be surprising, because charities are institutions, and all institutions are now linked to the global bureaucracy by many links (e.g. legal, financial etc.). All bureaucracy is intrinsically evil; and the global bureaucracy is the primary instrument by which evil attitudes are encouraged, Big Lies are disseminated, and evil actions are implemented by rewards and sanctions. 

(...Because although no action is intrinsically Good - in practice some actions - such as the classic sins - are strongly-likely to induce evil. As so often the situation is asymmetrical. On the side of Good motivations are primary; but Good may be opposed by many things; including, but not restricted to, motivations. For instance the beauty of some aspect of divine creation may be destroyed, and this destruction may be done without the motivation to destroy divine creation - and yet such destruction is still an evil.) 

So charities are evil; and, since 2020, even 'church charities' - as is clear if you read the boastful lists of "good works" that churches claim to have done - many of these are actually evil-works, and an organization that does evil-works when claiming these to be good is on the side of evil.  

This is not a difficult discernment! 

...Yet people allow themselves to be confused (fatally) by what charities (and churches) used-to-be; rather than noticing the obviousness of what charities (and churches) actually are, here-and-now. 

Of course this is yet another personal loss from the possibilities of life. (That's what evil does when triumphant!) 

Much of human gratification used to come from working with people in good causes; and from the sense of solidarity which brings security. These are things that we are now called-upon to do-without - if we are to remain on the side of God, divine creation and Jesus Christ. 

With The System now under the thumb of Satan, and with the infection of evil spreading perceptibly; only that which is outwith The System may be Good - and the need for discernment never sleeps.

Of course, all sins and evil we may do may be cancelled by repentance - that is a great gift of Jesus Christ. But repentance requires that we repent! 

Which means we need to recognize evil, and recognize evil as evil - then reject it as such.  

The continual difficulty is that we all must engage-with evil in the Systems of this world if we are not to die - now including charities, now including church charities. 

Therefore - to stay alive while avoiding self-chosen damnation, we need to avoid being seduced into cozy assumptions that any organization or activity is intrinsically Good. 

There will be some Good in any institution - but we personally can only do net-Good via a charity when we recognize that 'the institution itself' - in its bureaucratic character - is motivated by evil. 


Andrew P said...

Dr. Charlton,

I am coming to a similar conclusion as well when it comes to charities (and churches for that matter). My wife and I are faithful Christians who believe in tithing. However, we have recently pulled our weekly tithe from our Church for their continual incremental "evil" decisions (i.e. not mainly worshipping in person, loosely taking the side of CRT-or at least not fighting against it, etc.). In additional to our consideration to move congregations, we still believe in giving and tithing according to what the Bible calls us to. However, in considering our recent decision to pull our funds in conjunction with your article, how can we find an organization among the seemingly shrinking list of "good" organizations that stand for good and God?

Bruce Charlton said...

@AP - "how can we find an organization among the seemingly shrinking list of "good" organizations that stand for good and God?" I don't know of any. Your best bet is to give directly to individual people - maybe via a fund administered by a trustee, as CS Lewis did; if anonymity is required.

peter dick said...

I used to give to St Judes Cancer Research but had to atop due to no income anymore. And later began to think, does an organization getting funding to research how to end childhood cancer REALLY want to end it knowing if they do they will not get funding anymore? Wouldn't they rather use the money to engineer more childhood cancers so they keep getting funding? Its a scary thought.

Sasha Melnik said...

Without doubt, the NGO & Charitable Organizations are the most 'Conceit Status - Look at me, I am GOOD' Skinsuit going, certainly carrying more cachet than regular religious organisations. (I'm looking at You, Salvation Armchair!)

Oxfam and their cohort offer up the best example, they at once have blotted every high street in the land, taking the unsuspecting public dollar, while their officers and their children engage in makework 'poverty vacations' with child prostitutes, delaying local recovery or natural local development in far-off places.

99% of funds going to Administration. Never solving the problem they set out to, because, it can't be solved. Regular drives for more money every $SEASON. No need to mention the woke agendas.

A story my father told me is how he once gave money to a beggar child on the street , walked on, turned a few meters later and promptly watched the child go and hand it over to an 'uncle' at the next corner cafe. He never gave again after that.

I think the only charity we can safely engage in is helping someone you know directly who needs it and/or asks for it. But as someone who absolutely loathes to meddle in the affairs of others, I'd only do it with permission. Anything else is 'foolishly high trust' and thus, liable to be false charity as in the examples above.