Wednesday 19 January 2022

Post-mortal life - What would suffice?

For me, this mortal life does not suffice. But what would?

Not reincarnation - because if one mortal life is not enough; then why should several suffice?

Not an endless continuation of this mortal life - because if this mortal life does not suffice, then why should its perpetuation?

...Even in paradise; because although 'the world' is a problem solved by eternal paradise, and so is mortality, the problem of myself remains. Me, even in paradise, would soon be hell. 

But if what survives into post-mortal life is not me, then it is a substitution for me - so this is just a kind of death 

(I myself would die, and be replaced by... someone/ some-thing else). 

(This also applies to 'transhumanism' - if my humanity could transcended technologically, then it would not be me - I would not be there to 'enjoy' it.) 

So... if post-mortal life is just me, perpetuated it would not suffice; yet if it is not me - then it amounts to death (which does not suffice).

Therefore; to suffice, what survives post-mortally needs to be a transformed continuation of me. For example, resurrection.

(Thus a partial definition of Heaven = a transformed continuation of me, living in paradise, among transformed continuations of other Men.)


Skarphedin said...

Dr Charlton, your last two posts brought this part of Handel's Messiah powerfully to my mind:

"For HE is like a refiner's fire!"

Ann K. said...

He is indeed like a refiner’s fire, which is why Christians understand hell as ontological—a state of being—both during and after life on earth.
Nothing can separate us from God.
If we reject God, then after death we experience Him as a fire that torments.
If we love God, we experience Him as a fire that purifies and perfects.
In either case, we get exactly what our heart most desires.