Friday 7 January 2022

The Great Reset will be superseded by The Great Collapse if we do not first have a Great Awakening

The Great Reset/ Agenda 2020 is the totalitarian Global Establishment strategy for a world of omni-surveillance and micro-control. 

Almost certainly, this was never a realistic possibility (at least not in the medium term of more than a few years); due to lack of motivated and competent personnel and the decline in technological efficiency and effectiveness. 

Also, the active resistance to the post 2020 measures - although late and modest - has still been sufficient to halt or somewhat roll-back the intended stepwise implementation of social separation, confinement, dehumanization and mass drugging. 

But whatever the reasons - The Great Reset looks less and less possible with every passing week. The Black Iron Prison Planet has started crumbling before it was even half-built. 

Instead the birdemic (and other leftist) measures are generating a cumulative chaos that seems to be approaching the positive feedback state of accelerating and irreversible global collapse - of a kind and on a scale qualitatively, as well as quantitatively, unprecedented in world history (unless we take Noah's Flood literally).

In other words, I see a confirmation of my (modest) prediction that Ahrimanic/ bureaucratic type of 'lawful' and semi-constructive evil will inevitably and unstoppably lead-on to purely negative Sorathic/ spiteful evil; that the vision of convergence onto centralized global control will give way to a world of dissipative chaos - of endemic violence, rampant disease and starvation. 

This will happen if (when) the highest level of the totalitarian System switches from overall trying to control everything, towards seeding chaos; from trying to construct a System of total oppression, towards trying to net-destroy The System. 

Instead of a world of slaves manipulated by a handful of masters; they will start to desire and implement a world of torment inflicted by a handful of torturers. 

So long as evil rules this mortal world, control-to-chaos seems like an inevitable 'progression' - because evil is not static but feeds-upon itself. 

This innate degeneration towards greater evil can only be countered by those who want Good - which means those who love God, and have taken the side of divine creation. 

Good can only come from good-motivations; so that those who desire merely to resist control and smash The System - and whose motivations for doing-so are anything-other-than God/ The Good/ Divine Creation - will only be swapping a lesser for a greater form of evil.

This because they are not truly resisting evil; but are instead motivated by resisting constraints upon their own short-term pleasures. 


Good outcomes can only come-from good motivations; yet no Man can calculate how much good our loving God can generate from Men who are on his side, and who serve the divine agenda. 

Therefore, no matter what the state of the world is, and what is may become; whatever the balance of control versus chaos; our path is crystal clear and blazingly obvious.

That path is to discern and to choose the side of Good; and to serve it as best we may - in both spirit and with will... 

And the plans, practicalities and needful actions will follow afterwards; in accordance with God's providence.  


Maniac said...

There are fewer things I'd like more than a Niniveh-esque mass-repentence here in America and in the West in general. God is irritated with us, and rightfully so.

Howard Ramsey Sutherland said...

There is rather compelling evidence that a Great Flood did happen, and that it changed the world - or at least the part it affected, the greater Middle East and thereabouts.
The crash of our System will lead to tremendous hardship, and sorely test the survivors’ spiritual resources. Just as the Great Flood’s aftermath must have done.
It’s hard to see Nineveh-style societal repentance from a society as far gone in RUP and all-encompassing materialism as ours. But, with God all things are possible. What would be the critical mass of repentants required to move society in a Good direction?