Wednesday 26 January 2022

They're demons! They want destruction of all Good! So, every positive agenda item of the global establishment is just a feint and a fake

An awful lot of time and energy is wasted by Christians in opposing the global establishment, where they try to critique the positive agenda items... for instance details of The Great Reset, the coherence of Critical Race Theory, this week's birdemic-peck plans; or the various policies that purport to control the planetary climate such cycle lanes, enforced 'recycling', wind turbines and solar panels. 

The point to grasp is that all and every such positive plan is just a feint, a misdirection - a fake, a knowingly false statement.

None of these, or similar, 'plans' will ever be implemented because our rulers are not aiming at any social end-point - their aim is 'permanent revolution' in which the revolutionary destruction continues and continues, until there is (literally) nothing left - all is ruin and chaos.

We should not waste our time, energy and resources on critiquing feints and fakes; because that is exactly what They want us to do! 

The biggest fake about the Great Reset or Agenda 2030 is that there is zero intention ever to create a society such as those described. 

Yes - there is intent to 'work towards' that end-point for a while; but just as with socialism/ feminism/ racism etc... the end-point will always recede, the rules will be changed, what is important will become less concrete and attainable - more subjective and nebulous...

Because the ideology of the global totalitarian rulers - call it 'Leftism' - is negative and oppositional, and ultimately is simply evil

The hegemonic and dominant world ideology - 'Leftism' is (by now, for sure - and perhaps too from its origins) merely the major social instrument deployed by the side against God (...the side against creation and The Good, the side of purposive evil).

Evil has no goal or end point. It is not trying to build an alternative of better society; it is simply subverting, destroying and (ultimately) inverting all that is divinely created, all that is aligned with God's purposes. 

The aim of Leftist ideology (which since early 2020 rules the world: all nations and institutions) is damnation of human souls - not the construction of an alternative-better society. 

In pursuit of the damnation of Men; the powers that should-not-be will use any tool that may be effective. At present, there is still a remnant of idealistic utopianism, albeit pitifully degraded and reduced, principally among teenagers and young adults (and those who have chosen to have their development arrested at that phase). 

An honest agenda of pure negation; of subversion/ destruction/ inversion - would fail to recruit any support except among self-conscious nihilists (always a small minority) - and would evoke widespread resistance. 

(And anyway the evil are never honest - always manipulative.)

Thus the real agenda of negation is saccharine-coated with a dusting of several (incompatible) versions of 'positive' but vague utopian idealism - vibrant multi-racial, multi-cultural cities of excitement and entertainment; a peaceful 'green' world of gentle vegan bicyclists; a world of masked/ pecked/ distanced universal safety, when each can dwell insulated from the endemic threat that is 'other people'; a world of expanding, proliferating sexual diversity - where life is organized around sexual self-development and gratification. 

Take your pick...   

The function of such scenarios is therefore dishonest, temporary, expedient; to buy-off - for a while - this or that potentially oppositional interest group; to enlist - for a while - this or that idealist... 

That is all their function, which is why Leftism is utterly incoherent and continually changing its objectives and emphases And why the global powers do not care about its incoherence and constant change. 

The level of agendas, strategies, plans and policies is entirely a deception and an intentional distraction.

We should not waste our time, energy and resources on critiquing such feints and fakes.

Because that is exactly what They want us to do!   

(If not, then what? My answer is Romantic Christianity. We each have an agenda called divine providence. This needs to be discerned, repeatedly; and pursued, despite our lapsing repeatedly. We all have more than enough work for a lifetime - the work of theosis.) 


Zeno said...

The dominant ideology is so contradictory that sometimes it is even hard to make head or tails of it. Feminist "me too" vs. sexual liberation, the peck agenda vs. "my body, my choice", to mention just two striking examples.

Also, as you said before, only Good can fight against Evil, Evil can't fight against Evil.

For a while I wondered, for instance, why don't feminists criticize disordered massive immigration, since it's increasing sexual violence. Or why doesn't, say, the mafia in Italy fights against a tyrannical and corrupt government. But evil only compounds on top of other evils. Evil cannot fight another evil. Even if two evils are opposed, somehow they always seem to increase the general amount of evil.

easty said...

@Zeno, So Gigax was wrong in Chainmail when he said if two different tribes of orcs appear on the battlefield they will attack eaxh other first. They wouldn't; they would attack the humans.

a_probst said...

Each thinks the solution of his pet cause will make everything fall into place; it's the zombie cutting from Marxist utopianism that refuses to die.

Bruce Charlton said...

easty - In Lord of the Rings one orc kills another, in front of Frodo and Sam; and Frodo says: "that is the spirit of Mordor, Sam; and it has spread to every corner of it. Orcs have always behaved like that, or so all tales say, when they are on their own. But you can’t get much hope out of it. They hate us far more, altogether and all the time. If those two had seen us, they would have dropped all their quarrel until we were dead."

- So there's the answer.

Howard Ramsey Sutherland said...

Another Lord of the Rings citation may be apposite about our Them.
Frodo and companions have close calls with the Nazg├╗l from the moment they begin their journey. A most fortunate encounter, while still in the Shire, with High Elves prevents what might have been a most unfortunate encounter with a Black Rider. The Elves feed and shelter the four Hobbits that night, and Frodo speaks at length with the Elven-prince Gildor Inglorion. Frodo wants to know more about the Black Riders.
Gildor replies, “Is not enough to know that they are servants of the Enemy? Flee them! Speak no word to them. They are deadly.”
We may not be able to flee our Them, but the rest is good advice even for us.