Monday 27 June 2022

What might winning the spiritual war look like?

Dominant, top-down evil is changing from bureaucratic-media/ totalitarian enforcement of value-inversion; towards nihilistic and spiteful destruction of God's creation (i.e. turning what I have called Ahrimanic to Sorathic). 

This means there will be a reduction in the capacity of the evil Establishment to enforce value-inversion (by regulation, law, education, its general saturation of communications. 

At one level, this will be regarded as 'wins' for the side of good - because the capability of demonic powers to impose evil behaviour - and also to an extent, to impose evil thinking - will diminish. It will be easier for Christians to do Christian things that were previously sanctioned. 

This may be spiritual gain; but only if it leads to more people being more motivated to take the side of good (=God and divine creation). 

However; a degree of collapse in the apparatus of surveillance and control does not - of itself - make people one-whit better; does not of itself bring a single person from the side of evil to good. 

A diminution in (necessarily evil) totalitarianism is permissive of greater Christian activity; but that's all. People must and will still be motivated and choose; one way or the other. 

And meanwhile the world will (unless present trends are reversed by something like a mass Christian awakening) continue to descend into nihilistic chaos via increased mutual hatred, spite, resentment, and delight in suffering, despair and death.

Except in our private lives and at a small scale - there is nothing substantive that most Christians can do to prevent such an evil-affiliated-Establishment-led civilizational collapse; because attempting to do so will instead serve to reinforce the greater evil of totalitarianism (since - as of now - they rule all major institutions, corporations, organizations). 

So; a great deal (and everything essential) will depend on how each of us, personally, understands and reacts-to such a descent into Apocalypse; how we choose spiritually to believe and behave, in a collapsing world civilization. 

In other words; spiritually winning victories in the fight against evil totalitarianism, might feel very much like losing - in terms of physical suffering. 

And this is why it is vital to discern and distinguish-between this mortal life, and the resurrected life to come; and to keep our hope pinned firmly on what is to come; which requires strong faith and deep trust in God. 

Our proper faith is in God's love for us as persons, as immortal souls; and not (therefore) for our institutions, nations, or civilization - nor even our planet. 




Walter Z said...

What do you think is causing the shift from Ahrimanic to Sorathic evil? If I understand you correctly this seems to be a pattern. Is is that order is good and that evil thus ultimately has to oppose any kind of order? Or does the value inversion lead to a state insanity in which you just want to inflict suffering on humanity?

Bruce Charlton said...

@WZ - I think you'll find the answer in some previous posts: