Friday 28 October 2022

Christian slave of an evil master: a thought experiment

If it is accepted that it is possible for a slave to be a Christian, even the chattel slave of an evil master; then it is sometimes valuable to consider the implications of this fact. 

This fact implies that it is possible for a Man frequently and systematically to do acts of evil, indeed to live his life in active service to the demonic agenda of evil - and yet to follow Jesus Christ in his heart, such as to achieve salvation after death. 

My assumption is that a slave may be compelled to choose between doing acts of evil (in accordance with his master's will); or else suffer starvation, dreadful punishment or death if he refuses; combined with a recognition that many (I would say most) Men will (for reasons of constitution as well as insufficient courage) lack the strength to resist this kind of intimidation. 

Ultimately, most Men will serve evil rather than die - that is a fact of observation. 

This is relevant to us in The West today, who are in a position analogous to the chattel slave of an evil master; because we are physically utterly dependent-upon (and helpless in the face of) a totalitarian social system that is controlled by evil Men, who serve the demonic agenda. 

Like the slave; to be a Christian we modern Men need to recognize a distinction (but not a division) between the body and the soul, between the controlled evil material realm - and the potential for freedom in the spiritual realm by which we are connected with God, Jesus Christ, the Holy Ghost and a world of angelic spiritual beings. 

This can only 'work' for salvation when it is understood that the spiritual realm is primary and greater than the subsidiary material realm; such that - even when the material realm is wholly-subjugated to evil - such a realm is only analogous to a small planet in the universe of spirit. 

The imaginary (?) evil planet really is evil, and it is an indivisible part of the whole created universe; yet we can choose Not to dwell there as our final and eternal destination. 

Our first task is to acknowledge the reality of our situation; the scope and depth of the problem of evil here-and-now.

...Just as a slave of an evil master cannot achieve salvation until after he recognizes that his master is indeed evil when judged by divine standards: so must we.

Secondly, we need to recognize that God has made provision for the salvation of any Man who desires salvation in his heart - even those of us who are cowardly in respect of physical suffering, weak in terms of will and commitment, or who are terrified of death. 

So long as such sins are known as sins, and are repented by affiliation to God - and so long as the choice is made to follow Jesus - there is No Problem for the slave, or for us. 

If we really desire salvation in our hearts, we are assured of salvation.


Marko said...

That is why many of the early martyrs were martyred. They would not consent to do evil, knowing full well the cost. Their martyrdom brought the end of chattel slavery as the Roman Empire was converted by the martyrs heroic virtue and transitioned to become Christendom. For a sin to be mortal it must have three components: 1. Grave matter, 2. Committed with full knowledge, 3. With full consent. If one of these is absent, the sin is not mortal but may be venial. The martyrs refused mortal sin and understood that venial sin accumulates if unrepentant, leading to progressive separation from God.

Bruce Charlton said...

@M - I believe the reason was different, to do with an earlier stage in the development of consciousness, in which the deed could not be distinguished from the thought.

But it is wrong to assume that only the martyrs, who are regarded as saints, were real Christians. Christ came to save sinners - not only the saints.

Bruce Charlton said...

@gt - Your conceptualization is an example of how Christianity became corrupted, in some of its branches, by failing to recognize the primacy of the Fourth Gospel.