Saturday 29 October 2022

Demonic spite and resentment, on the cusp of nihilistic destruction

The recent act of European energy-supply sabotage - taken in its actual context - impressed me as one of the most shocking and blatant acts of calculatedly nihilistic destruction of which I am aware. 

That 'The West' is (here and now) capable of such a thing, defensible only by ridiculous lies and absurd projection. Yet exactly that insultingly-ridiculous absurdity was solemnly asserted throughout the globalist mass media and by (not-) 'national' (not-) leaders; and (apparently) believed by the unfathomably idiotic masses of the West, including those most affected! 

Well... in such a world, nothing of evil is ruled-out; almost anything could happen - even when it does not materially benefit anyone (any human, that is - which is the clue). 

I always expected that if the side of God, creation and The Good ever came to threaten the 'progress' of atheist-materialist-leftism; then the ultimate response of the dominant Establishment would be self-destructive; an attempt to blow-up The Whole Thing, and/or bring it tumbling-down. 

So, what is stopping the powers of destructive evil? Why are we still here; why are you reading this?

Well, those humans who are utterly in thrall to demons and in positions of power, are still in a minority; and must work with the consent of a larger assemblage of the greedy, the depraved, the power-crazed and the stupid. 

Destructive evil must still be cloaked in excuses and rationales - albeit the cloak may be flimsy and semi-transparent. 

These cloaking rationales do not need to be plausible by the standards of the past; because Men's minds - Men's thinking and insight - are by-now thoroughly corrupted by many decades of pervasive and rising materialism-atheism-leftism; willingly invited-into Men's hearts, and there nurtured.

But it is easy to see the cloaking process at work in the Western media (and, apparently, among the Establishment). 

Simply by talking incessantly about taboo possibilities, their shock and revulsion value is diminished by habituation. The once-unthinkable is actually thought; the once-undoable is modelled, and its pros and cons weighed. 

The clarity of stark moral simplicities is buried beneath (permitted) wrangling over (permitted) details, 'evidence' and rival models. 

The process is long-established in the media, in relation to all of the Big Lies upon which  the major strategies of evil are based (CO2 climate environmentalism, mass migration, antiracism etc). Stark, simple false assertions are buried beneath irrelevant quibbles over the 'validity' (and 'authority') of proximate 'data'. 

Anyway, there is no doubt in my mind that there is a powerful element in The West who are currently actively-engaged in the necessary 'manufacture of consent' among those with the necessary power; to escalate the Fire Nation versus West conflict into the most destructive possible conflagration

This goal of Mega-Destruction ASAP; is not 'for' any reason, other than that is what these individuals want; destruction is what gives them personal gratification. It comes from sheer spitefulness, triggered by their loss of global control. 

They do not need to gain from the destruction in terms of (for example) wealth, power, status or lust. They gain from the destruction of their 'enemies' - and that is enough. Such is the nature of spite. 

Indeed, when spite has mastery, individuals will self-harm, or even self-destruct*, in order to inflict suffering on those they most resent. 

(*e.g. This is seen in some suicides; and is indeed sometimes explicit in suicide messages or notes. "I'll kill myself, and then she'll be sorry." "You drove me to do this, and I want you to feel guilty for the rest of your life.")

The very fact that the Fire Nation has brought even a glimmer of hope to a world that - just two and a bit years ago - seemed to be caught inescapably in the grip of a unitary global totalitarianism that explicitly desired the full impoverishment, omni-surveillance and micro-control of nearly-all the population; is what fuels this spiteful destructiveness. 

We are seeing the very first movements of a tidal change against the core agenda of evil. Seemingly, the tide has actually turned, and events are (in totality, overall) moving against the totalitarian-progressive-leftist trend in several substantial parts of the world, for the first time in decades. 

This is, of course, existentially intolerable for those who have come to believe in the irresistible progression of their kind of inversional evil. 

They have had it all their own way for decades, but now - just as the world was in their grasp! - much of the world is turning-against them, defying their plans, opposing their values!

Materially speaking these are uniquely dangerous times. 

If the spiteful destroyers (at or near the top of power structures) get their way; we will soon (or today) begin to see acts of unprecedented destructiveness - designed to escalate rapidly and uncontrollably.

In my judgment; this will happen, unless those responsible are stopped from doing it. 

And the reason for stopping will have to be spiritual - since the world of material argument has been colonized and controlled by evil. 

In other words; there is currently an increased potential for spiritual growth among individuals in the West, as the spiteful become mastered by their destructive impulses, and as their cloaks of reasonableness and idealism become ever flimsier and more ragged.

I believe that this can be observed. It is part of things 'coming to a point'. 

The side of evil is getting more evil; and the side of good is separating-out, separating itself from evil goals bit by bit... and becoming more conscious of its own affiliation to God and creation. 

This divergence is observable on a month-by-month timescale - as can be seen from a comparison of the untruthfulness of leadership statements from either side. 

One side has incrementally built an empire of lies; lies built on lies, protected by ever-more (and more absurd) lies; with blatant projections of their own sins and motivations onto 'the enemy'. 

While the other side (remarkably!) has become more honest; and displays a increasingly balanced and complete understanding of the global situation, and the values and ideals at stake. 

All of which means that if mass destruction (of one kind or another) does Not happen soon; then things are probably looking-up, spiritually, for The World (if not for us in The West).  


Nathalie said...

I must have missed it when you first explained what the Fire Nation is. Is it the Nation of the Bear?

Bruce Charlton said...

@N - Yes, that's it.

If, in future, you find 'coded' terminology you don't understand; just do a word search using the box on the top left of the screen.

ben said...

The Fire Nation seems like it's 'playing honest' to me, while being evil in the same basic way as the West. Similar to mainstream conservatives or right-wingers in America. It's a kind of rhetoric that masks the stench of sorath underneath.

Bruce Charlton said...

@ben - Yes, so far. But the trend is good over the months. Perhaps it will go further? It all depends on what people's decisions are from now, which cannot be predicted.

Phil said...

Another reason having the World w/in their grasp is dangerous to them is this: "...only one hand can wield the Ring, so pray do not say 'we'".
At some point, one will end up on top. And "there can be only one" takes over from, "We must hang together or we shall all hang separately."
Their becoming overconfident might be very good for us - increasing greatly the odds that we get to see alternative # 2. :D
Of course, it is most important that the Church snap out of it focus on where they have missed the mark.

Matias F. said...

The Fire Nation leaders use rhetoric that they know will have an impact. They would not mention satanism if people around the world did not have suspicions of the motivations of Western leaders.
I live in a neighbouring country and the Fire Nation people I've been acquainted with (middle class) are secular and materialist, baptize their children but go to church at most twice a year. If they are willing to entertain ideas of spiritual war, the progress is remarkable.

Bruce Charlton said...

@Phil - That's a good point, which I had not considered.

Bruce Charlton said...

@MF - This is the kind of question that cannot (even in principle) be decided by evidence. I can only give my impression of what I believe to be the truth.

Mikail said...

So, the Fire Nation is the next litmus test? Considering you have previously written that there are no grey-zones left, somehow wtr to the Fire Nation you Romantic Christians still have not made any explicit statement. I hope you are not failing your own standards.

a_probst said...

I tend to go along with ben.

The Fire Leader looks to me like a small bully fighting bigger bullies, but one who would gladly initiate "omni-surveillance and micro-control of nearly-all [his] population" (though patriotic and prudent enough not to wish them impoverishment). This makes it easy for the Western powerbrokers to paint him as more a Stalin than a Kerensky and thus distract attention from their designs.

Bruce Charlton said...

@Mik -

Bruce Charlton said...

@a_p - I am not interested in persuading people I don't know. I simply point out that this is a clear and easy discernment.

By my understanding, someone who sees the conflict as 'symmetrically evil' is just as wrong as someone who takes the side of the demons.

Beyond that - it is just quibbling over details.

Cererean said...

"The Fire Leader looks to me like a small bully fighting bigger bullies, but one who would gladly initiate "omni-surveillance and micro-control of nearly-all [his] population" (though patriotic and prudent enough not to wish them impoverishment)."

Well yes, but if evil is fighting evil it is a cause for cautious celebration. A house divided against itself cannot stand.

And perhaps, in tearing down the modern world, they may tear down the blindfolds over peoples eyes. It wouldn't be the first time God has used the actions of evildoers to accomplish good for His children.

Bruce Charlton said...

I get the impression that some commenters are getting too much information and conceptual analysis from the mainstream mass media. When the media are dealing with a litmus test issue, they build an 'Empire of Lies' - whereby truth cannot be extracted from that source.

a_probst said...

Whether mainstream mass media or alternative, it's the most Orwellian dishing I've seen since the damnpenic. Eurasia/East Asia? My earlier comment was, admittedly, residual nationalistic sour grapes on my part from years of inversionist-motivated criticism of the US, even when justified.

But Bruce Charlton is not an inversionist!

So, no complaints.

Matias F. said...

Just to clarify: to see political leaders speak truthfully and quote Scripturf in a non-deceitful way has given me hope. I do believe the issue is a litmus test.