Tuesday 2 July 2019

Evidence of long-term demonic infiltration of conservative evangelical leadership in the Church of England, and the British Establishment

I'm not going to attempt to explain this ongoing news story in detail - you will need to piece it together from the videos. But it is important.

The basic story is about many-decades-long, strategic, manipulative homoerotic and sado-masochistic practices among an elite group of upper class Conservative Evangelicals in the Church of England.

The key point is that among Establishment intellectuals (i.e. people from aristocratic families, who attended famous private schools and/ elite universities, who were given official honours and high status roles) CofE conservative evangelicals have been the only group who publicly and explicitly opposed the agenda of the sexual revolution.

Who were indeed vilified for this opposition to the sexual revolution agenda. And yet among the most powerful and important leadership of exactly this group were men who practiced perverse and manipulative sexuality in a sustained, systematic and organised fashion.

This goes way beyond 'hypocrisy', because it raises the question of why on earth anybody who wants to do this kind of stuff should take up a career as a conservative evangelical pastor? Yet They Do Exactly That; and this is what we need to understand.

We need to understand why someone might spend his entire life apparently working against something that is such a powerful motivator in his own life. Why he specifically chose such a hostile environment for the practice of his own very unusual and specific sin.  

Importantly - this particular group of upper class men is linked by strong personal (class) ties with the groups in the other major social institutions. The 'top people' in the UK generally went to school and college together, are in the same clubs, socialise and holiday together - and quite possibly have engaged in the same kind of sexualised rituals together

So what we have is an upper class conspiracy that cuts-across many or all of the major social institutions (politics, media, law, police, military etc), and operates to an agenda. Loyalty to this private, secretive group ultimately (over the long term) transcends all other loyalties.

Pretty clearly this is a revelation of one small corner of a large conspiracy of long-term spiritual corruption. For me, demonic fingerprints are evident from the conspiracy's extraordinarily extended timescale - longer than any human individual, longer than any plausible human political strategy. And also from the way that the long-term behaviour goes against personal self-interest.

Socialists have tried to explain this in terms of class interests; but its motivations go beyond worldly interests, and there is often a sacrifice of personal interests. Why - for merely personal interests - would an S&M homosexual choose to be a conservative evangelical, and subject to massive hostility from the mainstream media and organised Left; when he might be lavishly praised and rewarded for doing the same things, if instead he was a mainstream leftist?

Why would he preach, argue and write apparently to persuade other people that exactly the kind of things he does in private are wrong (with the possibility of disgrace or blackmail); when if only he was in a different profession, he could advocate the goodness and superiority of his own preferences - as do so many people in the mainstream mass media, universities and schools, and indeed almost everywhere except specifically conservative evangelical circles. 

What we are looking-at is the question of what causes people to live and work for decades and across generations against their own interests.

The answer would seem to be that this was part of a very long-term strategy of subversion and inversion; which involved people working (in effect) undercover, as 'sleepers' awaiting activation; and not just for decades, but for lifetimes - several lifetimes perhaps.Presumably, the idea was that - when needed - this group, these people, this cult; would be in-position and ready to do what their controllers (behind the scenes) wanted to be done.

The chilling conclusion is that even long-term, even life-time, personal self-sacrifice is Not evidence of sincerity. Behaviour and speech are not sufficient evidence. To discern a man's ultimate allegiance - whether to God or Satan - we need to know, to intuit, the motivation of that man's heart.

As I see matters, the problem is with the upper class elite 'English', ultimately those of Norman descent although constantly recruiting more widely. Since this group arrived in England, there has been a pattern of coercion, exploitation. Jumping a few steps; what I take from this that the British Establishment is (and has always been) strategically working-for ultimate evil. And that a key part of this corruption is either rooted in sex and/ or uses sex as the means of initiation and to enforce loyalty.

The personal consequences are perceptible. As a middle class non-elite person; it has always been evident to me that there is a shallowness/ hollowness/ unemotionality; a robotic, dead-eyed or snake eyed - quality in most of the upper class people I met. There is no depth, no reality, no soul.

I did not know what this meant; and vaguely assumed it was damage done by unloving parents, being sent away to school too young, or something like that. But having observed this group over many years, I now take this 'blankness' to be the outcome of demonic influence.

But that void, caused by the sealing-off of the real and divine self - may be hidden by all kinds of good words, good behaviours, good teachings, good expressed attitudes. A person may seem exemplary on the surface; may be jovial, charming, articulate, able, hardworking... and it is very tempting to ignore that nagging conviction from one's own true self, that here we are dealing with a mere shell of a Man.

Anyway, knowing all this as we now do, it is then no mystery why - very suddenly and swiftly - a whole nation can become corrupted and evil-working in all of its social institutions (including Christian churches) almost simultaneously.

There is, and long has been, for generations, a fifth column of demonically-motivated spies and traitors, at or near the top of this nation.

Because, when a cult including homoerotic S&M could permeate and substantially-influence even conservative evangelical Christians, how much easier was it for them to conquer and rule everywhere else?


John Fitzgerald said...

An important post, Bruce. There have been analogous stories coming out of the Roman Catholic Church for some time now. Pope Emeritus Benedict wrote recently about 'homosexual cliques' infiltrating seminaries in the '60s and '70s. There have been persistent rumours for a many years that seminaries were infiltrated en-masse by communist agents in the '30s and '40s.

The British ruling elite is obviously deeply corrupted and compromised, almost certainly indeed to the point of Satanic manipulation. Even as a child I felt intuitively that there was something 'off' about them. My Dad (an Irishman) certainly thought so. David Icke's flagged this up very well over the years, of course, and Archpriest Andrew Philips frequently cites the Norman conquest as the moment when the rot began on his Orthodox England blog. This all ties in as well with Jimmy Saville's apparent role as a 'runner' for these people for four decades.

The musician Jah Wobble, in his autobiography 'Memoirs of a Geezer' (2010), says that when he was trying to negotiate with record companies in the '90s he was greatly struck by how all the CEOs at the top of the music industry were all public school/aristocratic types.He was even more struck by the fact that they all appeared to have 'something missing' and that they all seemed unable to act in a normal, recognisably human way. He was shocked at how people with so little intelligence and zero people skills were able to rise so seamlessly and effortlessly to the top.

An 'old boys network' or something more? That's the question.

Bruce Charlton said...

@John -

The old boys club/ club tie explanation does not cover the facts as I observe them; at least not to my satisfaction. Quite of few of these types come to a sticky end of one sort or another; are apparently sacrificed or disposed-of. It looks as if quite a few get-back a great deal less then they are required to give; although I suppose they are promised or expect all kinds of pleasures and gratifications.

About this 'something missing'. I have been sufficiently near to some people who seem to have joined this elite to observe the before and after; that 'something' happens to them at a certain stage in their ascent to power. The lights go out behind the eyes, or the eyes become stony - in either case, the link between the eyes and the soul seems to have been severed.

My best guess is that they have either undergone some kind of initiation, or else experienced some kind of terrifying threat to ensure obedience - probably the exact thing will vary according to the vulnerabilities of each individual.

The individual has made a choice, has chosen to serve the side of evil, and this shows in the eyes.

Cererean said...

Is it any surprise to anyone that someone has been playing both sides of the "culture war"?

The entire purpose has been to persuade Christians to pick up the Ring and attempt to match power with power. It is not victory to the Free People's, if Gandalf manages to master the Ring and take its power from Sauron.

Keep the focus of Christians on sexual matters, keep their energy being spent on trying to master the State and bend it to their will, and you can neuter them.

Bruce Charlton said...

@C - It's always worth learning from such revelations rather than simply taking them for granted. I actually attend and support a conservative evangelical Anglican church (http://jpc.org.uk/) - and I can tell you this story is astonishing in that context. It is essentially an alien intrustion into that world, strange and abhorrent and uncharacteristic; an intrusion from the English upper classes.

Faculty X said...

Mind Parasites strike again!

In Colin Wilson's book The Mind Parasites he traces the decline in Romantic consciousness to the 1800s when the Mind Parasites struck, drawn by the energy the Romantic poets and geniuses gave off.

CW wrote that the top executives of a large international organization were bedevilled by sexual neuroses at a high rate and that they could not find fulfillment regardless of their seeming success in worldly terms.

Ribot, one the characters in the book, 'had surrendered to the parasites in terror. They had entered his brain and taken over all the habit circuits.... The parasites had... replaced the old habits with new ones... but certain circuits were completely eliminated - the habit of thinking deeply, for example."

It is likely more important that key sectors of command and control in human society be occupied than it matter the specifics of their ideology.

Matching self-interest to actions assumes coherence of values and actions for an individual's benefit rather than minds possessed for the benefit of hidden powers and principalities.

Karl said...

"We need to understand why someone might spend his entire life apparently working against something that is such a powerful motivator in his own life."

In your post the word "apparently" was put in italics. In my opinion this is a vital point and not limited to the Church of England. There are "men" practicing fake opposition, working tirelessly within the opposition to ensure failure.

Maybe it is possible for some to recognize such "men" in a face to face meeting, but for most of us such meetings are rare. Better to spot them from a distance and Keep your distance, at least in my opinion.

So how can we spot them from a distance? Tireless, ineffective working in opposition to mainstream society is a hint.

Since mainstream society is dominat, every opponent to it could be called "ineffectice". What I mean with "ineffective" is saying and writing things that are somehow in opposition to mainstrean, but are unsuitable to convert anyone away from mainstream society (reading something and thinking "that sentence is not helpful"). A telling sign is if over several years their position moves with the Overton window so that they are never outside of it.

Bruce Charlton said...

@Karl - As you say, we can't often meet these people face to face in a suitable environment that they reveal their nature (as happened to me with Boris Johnson! - with whom I once spent about four hours in a small group discussion; I was 'advising' about university policy).

And, in general, we can exclude *everybody* who is active in the mainstream mass media or officially-approved - where it will *always* be found (but perhaps only after being misled and wasting time) that appearances of being on the side of Good are deceptive.

After that - serious study and engaged reflection will reveal the heart of a man.

Our danger comes from large volume, superficial, passive/ absorptive consumption.

Bruce B. said...

Seems like becoming clergy is a way for a pervert with modestly above average intelligence to get a good salary and job security while enjoying his perversion – hiding in plain sight.

Bruce Charlton said...

@BB - Maybe for mainstream clergy, but not for conservative evangelicals.

Almost everywhere else this kind of stuff would make you a hero - e.g. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/church-of-england-bishop-comes-out-as-gay-after-sunday-newspaper-threatens-to-reveal-his-sexuality-a7222941.html (I know the person involved, both as priest and near neighbour; and to my eyes he was very-obviously, stereotypically 'out', even to a casual observer, for several years before this news story).

According to the videos, this same group of upper class infiltrators has association with someone in SSPX. Why would someone who wanted to 'hide in plain sight' choose to skulk in SSPX; when he could join the mainstream, powerful prestigious lavendar mafia with possibilities of going near to the top of the tree among bishops, cardinals and the Magisterium?

I believe we need to think deeply about the significance of this kind of thing, beyond explaining it away as a matter of individual lifestyle choices; because I think it indicates that the Enemy is much more intelligent, patient and strategic than is generally acknowledged.

John Fitzgerald said...

@Bruce, I (and I'm sure many others) would be interested in what impression Johnson made on you, if it's the kind of thing you can divulge in a public forum, that is.

Bruce Charlton said...

John. Just word search his name on this blog and you will find out!

Interdimensional Spiritualwarrior said...

Great writing

Anonymous said...

Ep 518 is their third on the same subject. Must see/listen.


Anonymous said...

Update: Episodes 519 and 520 both contain a segment on the subject. Each episode reveals more. 520 says Welby's connections to the players go back to the 70's. Bruce and William, it looks like your worst suspicions may be true.



Jonathan said...

Your question is very interesting, and I would very much like to understand the answer, but I have no clue at all.

Instead, I'll say a brief note related to your comment, "Loyalty to this private, secretive group ultimately (over the long term) transcends all other loyalties." I have been noticing in recent years, with terrified dismay, that the Left has a degree of cohesion and group action that nobody else has, and that Evil commands intense loyalties that I see nowhere else, ever. I don't see how I can escape the conclusion that Evil is intrinsically far more powerful at bonding people together than Good, far better at organizing and waging war than Good, and almost infinitely better at inspiring loyalty than Good.

How can we sure that God is as powerful as Satan? What if Satan wins the war? I'm just not seeing any reason to have faith that God has any power. What I observe is that Goodness is impotent and always loses. Evil's advantages over Good are, wherever I look, overwhelming.

Bruce Charlton said...

@Jonathan - Well, I write about this stuff all the time here - so you know what I think.

BTW How can I be sure is epistemology (an infatuation of only the past 250 years or so) - and the question leads nowhere - because in this earthly mortal life, there is no certainly about specifics of the kind this question implies.

We should be thinking about metaphysics (as did the ancients) and not epistemology - which can only be resolves After metaphysics.

And all such are ultimately based on intuition - multiple intuition (testing every significant element).