Friday, 15 May 2020

Luciferic versus Ahrimanic totalitarianism

The twentieth century was the era when evil transitioned from Luciferic to Ahrimanic as the dominant form.

Luciferic evil is the 'traditional' type; hot, impulsive; characterised by violence and murder; the gratification of sub-human, 'animal' instincts; and the cult of personality:

I love Uncle Joe!

During the late twentieth century; evil transitioned to become Ahrimanic: not just sub-human, but sub-animal - Men became regarded as meat robots and flesh computers. The evil was not concentrated into a dictator, but became impersonal, unlocatable.

Evil is now dispersed among committees, faceless bureaucrats, institutions: The System.

 "Clap for NHS Carers" - or, I love The Matrix.

Then people celebrated a person - a man represented a nation; now people celebrate the largest organisation in Europe - a bureaucracy represents a nation.

Then the masses celebrated an individual; now an abstraction. 

Dictator subordinated to abstraction

Then the dictators aspired to mould the population into a cohesive functional unit that could be whipped into a frenzy of productive or destructive action, worship or hate - as required; and this mass could be directed to do whatever the dictator wanted doing...

Now The Matrix aspires to destroy all human society, break the population into individual, mutally-fearful, docile and despairing individual units - ultimately to reduce these units down to a sub-animal level of cogs in a machine; or ideally software components.

(If living tissue can be reduced to binary code simulations - so much the better.)  

Then we could see evil; now we cannot.