Monday 9 January 2023

The lessons of Not-Brexit: Political change is of benefit Only if it leads to a Christian spiritual awakening

For those of you in other countries, it is important to emphasize that Brexit never happened; what we eventually got (two-and-a-half years delayed) was a BRINO, a "Brexit in name only": a paper exercise slightly reorganizing the globalist bureaucracy.  

I was completely on the side of Brexit, and I was very pleased that a large majority of English people (except in London!) were on the Brexit side; however, I was under no illusions that the positive Brexit vote was an opportunity and not an answer. The opportunity was for a national spiritual awakening. 

The blog Albion Awakening was created on exactly that basis: that there was a window of opportunity unexpectedly opening - but unless that opportunity was taken by enough people; then Brexit would yield no net-positive benefit to the nation (but only to the careers of a few opportunistic, "Brexit supporting", politicians).

And it did not

The fact that a self-styled "Brexit Day" happened in the midst of the winter 2020-21 birdemic lockdown and on the cusp of the peck onslaught makes that clear. 

As does the continued massive levels of immigration to the UK, including officially-the highest ever levels of illegal immigration (i.e. more than a year after so-called "Brexit"). Yet stopping mass immigration was without any doubt By Far the major issue that caused people to vote for Brexit. 

The official immigration (especially illegal) numbers are, of course, calculatedly-dishonest, and huge underestimates - but it may be that there were around a million (or more) immigrants in a single year; i.e. enough people to fill a city the size of Birmingham, the second-largest city in England, after London. 

In all observable ways and Very Obviously; England post- "Brexit" continues to be ruled such as to weaken, subvert and destroy the nation. 

Most recently; through 2023; the lying, insane, and irrational UK propaganda, subsidies, theft, probable sabotage, aggression and multiple other provocations against the anti-Fire Nation have made us prime military targets - if the British Establishment achieve the war escalations they so assiduously are trying to engineer. 

In sum: Brexit did England no good, because the opportunity it provided for repentance and spiritual reform was decisively rejected; and having rejected that opportunity the nation was left in a worse state - as revealed by the trends since 2016.  

I think this is a general lesson teaching us that (as of these times) all politics-as-such will lead to evil - including even when it is motivated (as was Brexit) by supporting the lesser of two evils. 

The lesser of two evils is still evil! And by engaging us in the pursuit of evil (albeit lesser) we are corrupted and ourselves made more evil.

This is of extreme relevance to the ongoing war. Here there is no doubt which of the sides is less evil; yet the victory of the lesser evil would Not lead to net-Good unless the winning side is (overall) motivated by Good. 

In other words; if the effect of the war on the Fire Nation (FN) is to make it more primarily Christian, more Christian-motivated - then a victory would probably be net-Good - for that nation, and probably for the world-as-a-whole. 

If Christian faith is sufficiently strongly deepened and refined in the crucible of war; such that it is then restored to become a ruling principle of the nation - then the spiritual effect of war might be net-positive. 

But, if (as often happens) war causes a corruption of motivations and a 'win at all costs and at any price and by any means' kind of mentality; then victory would harm the victors and the world. And there is no doubt that one of the core objectives of the anti-FN actions has been to corrupt that nation with the same spirit of satanic evil as rules The West.  

We among the masses are all-but powerless in a material sense: all the power we possess is spiritual. It is therefore vital that we develop and maintain spiritual discernment in relation to this continuing and escalating global war. 

We need to consider carefully what we choose to know, and what we choose to believe, about events and motives - always bearing in mind the provenance of claims (from where, ultimately and spiritually, claims emanate). 

There is no 'safe' option and no safe opinion; situations change and the need for discernment is continuous. (To assert incompetence is a self-subordination; refusing to judge is itself a judgment.) 

And what matters is that we each take personal responsibility for our spiritual attitudes and aspirations

Even though mistakes are inevitable; if we do this, sincerely, then over time we will be led to the truth; because we will be open to divine guidance


Daniel said...

It's becoming more and more obvious that this so called migration is nothing but a tactic to destroy an entire people, to destroy any possibility of gathering together and of mobilization against utterly corrupted power. These so called migrants purpose is to be used as, i suspect, bouncers of the 'elites'.

This reminds me of Asterix 'La Zizanie' (Asterix and the Roman Agent). To generate chaos, a profound mistrust and hatred between everyone, that'll plague the Nation for years to come, even decades, so the ruling classes won't fear any form of opposition.

Still not sure what Rudolf Steiner is talking about when he refers to the 'War Of All Against All', but this certainlly feels like it.

Bruce Charlton said...

@Daniel - Yes, and with the added advantage of spiritually corrupting the migrants by idleness, subsidies, unearned privilege and status; and (perhaps most destructive) encouraging the sin of resentment to become the central motivating factor in their lives.

Bruce Charlton said...

@Daniel - Plus, of course, ensuring that migrants either abandon native religion - or else (especially by the mass media) subverting and causing the religion to converge with modern (inverted) Western values.

Daniel said...

I wonder what use the 'elite' has for them after their purpose has been fulfilled.
Their survival isn't guaranteed by any means and the elite is cynical enough to discard them once they're of no use. There's a huge housing crisis, wage labour is coming at an end i.e. the end of salaried work, and soon there will surely be a food crisis.

There are lots of 'migrants' coming in, but i suspect, looking at the international press, there are lots of other leaving as well.
I've seen in the portuguese and brazilian press several articles saying that there's a constantly growing number of brazilian immigrants returning, or wishing to return, to their country.

Lucky for us this completely perverted elite keeps on crashing right in the face of reality, facing contradictions after contradictions, more and more intensely and blatantly, which undermines their 'plans'
Their incompetence, malevolence, myopia and stupidity could be our salvation. They keep trying to take the world in a direction it doesn't want to go.

Switzerland has declared to reduced its influx of migrants; Michael O'Sullivan in 'The Levelling' says migration movements are becoming more and more regional and less and less inter-continental; Marc Halévy, french philosopher and physicist, says it's the end of globalization, and the beginning of continentalization.

Daniel said...

...and also, forgot to mention, the attempted coup in Germany. Let's see how it develops.

As for the corruption of these 'migrants' through idleness, in a radically changing world, where mass production, mass consumption, and mass wage labour are waning, who are not the least bit aware and adapted let alone conscious of this emerging new world, i think it spells their doom in the short term. And resentment and self-entitlement won't be of any help either.

Bruce Charlton said...

@D - As I have said elsewhere, I regard the collapse of Western Civilization as the most likely outcome; and the Plan A of the totalitarian bureaucrats will come crashing down (it is already crumbling - 2022 was a massive setback with half the world significantly detaching from the global powers). Of course, collapse will be even less materially comfortable than Plan A, suffering and deaths are bound to accelerate rapidly; but perhaps even this is a spiritually much better alternative for many people, than living in the inescapable worldwide machine for damnation which is Plan A.