Wednesday 23 November 2016

Being unreasonable

Up into 2010 I was trying to be reasonable. Why? Well, one does, doesn't one?

But what counts as reasonable depends on the system; as as I became more aware of the system I realised that being reasonable in an insane, suicidal system of inverted-Good was, actually, participating in evil.

It was a hope-less strategy - it really was. the more reasonable I was, the more I helped the system (maybe correcting it of excesses, slightly - but not so it would turn around and become good, only so much that the system would be strengthened in its long-term evil).

If you recognise that we live in an Evil Matrix, and that the only thing which can engage with this Matrix is our False Self - then we have to stop being reasonable if we want to live from our True Self. It's just a stark and unavoidable fact.

Of course this tends to produce a feeling of (more-or-less) fear; a kind of primal fear of isolation and scape-goating; which is why a solid Christian faith is necessary for me - I need to know that ultimately (from an eternal perspective - which is, after all, what matters) there is no reason for me to fear the opinions, thoughts and works of evil Men (or demons), or the vicissitudes of mortal life.

That is important, because no other source of courage will suffice, in the final analysis.

So I stopped being reasonable - or at least I stopped trying to be reasonable (I was never very good at it!), stopped even trying to engage. In this I feel sure I was correct - and the alternative strategies and counter-examples of others look to me like object lessons in self-corruption (self-corruption, because in the end evil can only get into our hearts because 1. we invite it, and 2. we refuse to repent our invitation).

(Repentance is our most powerful, and an essential, weapon in this spiritual war; which is why I must be Christian: the necessity and universal availability and infinite power of repentance is an unique Christian insight - although many/ most self-identified Christians fail to acknowledge its centrality.)

Perhaps the most important thing we can do, is not to do - to cease to help, to stop actively assisting the false-reality Matrix in its interaction with the false-selves of the mass of people. Being reasonable helps The System - while being un-reasonable, ceasing to fear, being uncompromising in of personal support of The Good so far as we understand it... all such helps Reality, which is divine, and operates by many, including unknown, pathways.

Also - our main 'act' in this world is thinking - I mean conscious thinking that comes from our real selves: that is the primary act; without which no behaviour, words, nothing can possible be of positive value.

This kind of thinking is difficult - but effectual - always, inevitably, necessarily effectual: Anybody can do it, and nobody can stop you doing it.

So: stop being reasonable and get on with thinking!


William Wildblood said...

Yes, that's it. If you try to compromise and adjust truth to lies then the lies will just swallow up and destroy the truth.

Bruce Charlton said...

@William - I think of the many people I have known, some well-meaning, who excuse themselves and urge me by saying the aim is to 'change the system from the inside'.

In my experience this has *never* worked - all that happens is that they, or I, get corrupted by the system (to a lesser, or typically greater, extent. The most corrupt of all are those who affect cynicism about the system they serve - probably because they have willingly embraced false consciousness).

William Wildblood said...

I agree. If you try to change the system from the inside then the system will just change you as you make compromise after compromise.

Bruce Charlton said...

@William - On the 'plus' side, becoming a tenured-radical-insider (like so many whom I have known) you may well get prestige, money, power... and often an OBE, knighthood or peerage - while still being generally regarded as a free-thinking rebel!

William Wildblood said...

True, but then you've had your reward!