Friday 11 November 2016

Three million page views... blog perfomance update

This blog has just passed three million page views. Going from two to three million views took 18 months.

According to page views, the blog's 'popularity' has increased somewhat over recent months - having plateaued at c 50K views per month, it now runs at c. 60K and more than 2000 views on most days (Saturdays have always been quiet); of which each individual recent post is on average being logged at about 3-400 views (my understanding is that this counter misses some of the views - some posts get more); and presumably the rest of the views being people looking at various of the 4K already-existing blog posts.

None of this makes me feel smug! - but it does at least seem as if the blog is not now dying; which seemed to be the case a year or so back.

Of course, I do have some other blogs (see sidebar for a few - click on my name at the top of the sidebar for a complete list; albeit most are just single post archives) - of which Albion Awakening is latest and the most active; with William Arkle and Tolkien's Notion Club Papers fairly often being added-to.


William Wildblood said...

Congratulations. Not smug, of course, but you are entitled to feel at least quietly satisfied. Your blog is needed now more than ever.

Bruce Charlton said...

Thanks William!

I can't believe it is 'needed' (and indeed I hope it isn't) - but I do believe it is *useful* to some people - which is why I continue.

William Wildblood said...

Needed in the sense that there are probably many people who feel that something is badly wrong with the world but they can’t properly articulate why, partly because they are not given the intellectual framework or language or metaphysical structure to do so by any of the official channels. You give that and help people to understand what they might be sensing but can’t put into words which is a very frustrating experience.

Adam G. said...

Good. The more the better.

Brett Stevens said...

Congratulations! You deserve it. As people drop out of mainstream media, their expectations for what they should be reading change, too, and this should benefit the more cerebral and introspective writers as opposed to the usual hipster jive that passes for writing on the internet these days. It would not be truthful to say I come here every day, but I see the posts go out in our news feed and check in when I can, and usually end up getting trapped by wanting to read multiple posts, and suddenly it is midnight. This creates an odd incentive to avoid the blog except when I have a chunk of time. Your writing is wonderful, your perspective thoughtful and realistic (even when it appears otherwise), and it is a joy to read. Cheers

Bruce Charlton said...

@Brett - Thanks! Much appreciated.